Questions Related to Dealing with Finances Medical BS

Needing iron chelation, meds are expensive, or somewhat expensive while doubling as a torture technique.

I've been thinking of starting some donations thingy of some sort to try and offset the cost, because NO ONE is willing to cover the medications that can be taken in pill form, or even as oral suspension.

Sure, there is another med that can be delivered another way, but I already have severe medical anxiety on top of severe anxiety over the less expensive med from living with a brother who has acted as though it is torture for the 15 years I lived with him. I dread the moderately expensive form, and would be non compliant to the point of refusing treatment.

Anyways, with that, is trying to offset the cost of the expensive but highly manageable med viable through some form of donation method?

If so, can I link a donation link here?
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