Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery anyone?

redisbestredisbest MunichPosts: 17
So anyone have any opinions on the Hogwarts mystery game? Do you think its an overrated, less interesting version of other pay to play games or almost as cannon as A Very Potter Musical
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  • SardonicInSanitySardonicInSanity Posts: 2
    Its way too pay to play, but to rectify that, portkey games recently gave people 100 gems each, so i guess they're fixing it?
  • ashybunnyashybunny Portland, Oregon, United StatesPosts: 6
    I'm a fan. I don't do the pay-to-play, but I just use the energy I have when I have time to open the app up for a few minutes. I like reading everything. I like the story. I also like the spell mechanics, random trivia, etc... it is fun and what I was sort of hoping for out of what this is and who it was developed by. I think more than I dislike the overwhelming amount of the pay-to-play, I don't like how you don't really get to work on your friendships at all. I would love being able to talk to my friends I've met already and maybe get very minor amounts of friendship level xp when doing so. I don't know. I really don't think that would break it.
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  • replicareplica Posts: 2 Newbie
    Ah I didn't even know about this game! *rushes out*
  • RichardrobertRichardrobert Posts: 1 Newbie
    Looking ahead to attempting it out. we've got got sincerely no foundation to name this “now not desirable information” considering the sport hasn't even been released yet. It sounds like it offers a few interesting functions and even as the portraits are not terrific, they’re not that horrific and must cater for as many telephones as viable anyway. graphics are superficial besides; content material and game play are a whole lot more essential.
  • AikoAtsumeAikoAtsume Posts: 16
    AAAH I HAD NO CLUE!!!! -rushes to check updates-

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