Creating a disabled super hero for my fictional universe

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Long story story, this all started when my dad was in high school and he created this character called Mallardman.

When I was younger I found his old sketch book with that drawing and then together we created his origin story. We also created another character for me... which my dad insisted on calling Ducklingboy and I wanted to be something else so we compromised. He starts out as Ducklingboy when he's Mallardman's side kick but when he get's older he makes a name for himself as Neptune. Sort of like how Robin became Nightwing except without the hate for his former mentor.

Now as an adult I care for a disabled child with Cerebral Palsy. Ideally I'd like to be having this discussion with him to create a new character the same way my dad an I did when I was a kid but because of his disability he can't really talk to me.

Cerebral Palsy is a bit of a misleading name. Mentally he's totally fine, but his muscles are all screwed up so he can't really do anything he wants to, it's like being a prisoner in his own body.

I've had a couple ideas for a super hero based on him and considering how there aren't a lot of super heroes with disabilities it makes me want to base a character on him even more. I've had a couple of different ideas and I'm thinking I'll just do both and then let him pick which one he likes better after they're done.

He normally chooses things by eye contact since he can't communicate verbally. Like we know his favorite color is red cause his eyes tend to be drawn more towards things that have that color. Also he tends to show excitement right away for things with that color rather than just blankly staring at it like he tends to do when given other choices. That being said I'm probably going to end up using that color for the super hero costume.

I've got two ideas who what his super hero should be.

1. Is a mech suit that he can control mentally to help do what his body can't but also gives him enhanced strength and is bullet proof. He's also be a telepath similar to Charles Xavier but that'd be the only way he can actually communicate and he'd be much cooler cause of the whole mech suit rather than being confined to his wheelchair all the time.

2. Is to make his character a mutant with the ability to astroproject himself. It's basically like a spirit leaving the body without actually dying so he can return to his body. The spirit form would have similar powers to another character I've already created who is actually dead except without the ability to possess other people. Plus there'd be a time limit that he can't leave his body for more than 8 hours at a time cause he could actually die if his physical body goes too longs without a soul.

Now the thing I really need help with is I've been thinking about this for ten years now and I still don't know what the super hero name should be.

I'm probably never going to actually do anything with any of my characters at least in terms of story but I at least want to make his character and hang it up in his room some where he can see it. If he could talk I'd just ask him what the character's name should be but since that's out of the question and I'm having the worst time coming up with a name, I thought I'd ask a bunch of strangers on the internet to help me name my disabled super hero.
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    Honestly man, this story tugged at my heartstrings a bit. So, let me donate a character I made up in my little OCD fever dream imagination games.
    His name was Mechanico, and his power was...
    well he used a cat mech suit which he could control with his mind, so thats one.
    My second one is called...
    Im sorry Im so so bad at this. Sorry for my awkwardness and bad, rushed grammar.
    dont pick me if you dont like it, Im just doing it for his happiness!
    I love your idea by the way.
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    To be honest either one of those is better than the names I've been coming up with. I didn't really want to say this but in ten years the best name I've been able to come up with is Cerebral Powers. The only part of that name I like is that it could fit with either of my two concepts. The part that's bothering me is trying to take the name of the disability and turn it into the hero's strength instead, some people might misinterpret what I was trying to do and take offense to that name. Something about it just doesn't feel right. This is why I decided to do this instead, get out of my head for a while and get some fresh ideas from a different perspective.

    You came up with two ideas that fit with my two concepts. Maybe other people start posting, maybe someone has a better idea, but that doesn't matter because you did something I couldn't do in far less time. Don't be so hard on yourself, you have some good ideas there. If no one else posts then it's going to end up being one of those two. I like Mechanico a little bit better than the other one but it's going to be up to him in the end.

    Plus the name is going to help me design details of the costume like the Chest symbol. It might just be a letter but you seemed to have a Cat theme going so I guess I could throw that in too. We do actually have a cat that likes to hang out on his bed. I get a little worried the cat might scratch him some times but he never has, instead I end up being surprised how gentle the animals are with him even when he's not so gentle with them. (He's put the cat in a head lock, pulled his ears, and kicked him, not really meaning to he just can't control his muscles too well.) It's weird if the rest of us do anything the cat doesn't like he's not afraid to let us know but with the little one it's almost as if he understands that the little guy can't help himself. So far he's actually been a pretty good therapy kitty. He also seems to go nuts looking for the little one while he's at school which is pretty funny.

    I may just end up incorporating a cat theme into both costumes.
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    Thanks man, I am absolutely terrible at coming up with names.
    I was thinking, Cerebral Powers would be an awesome name for a superhero team, so that is something. I am quite harsh on my self, especially with names, I think I was pressuring myself too much though.

    I like cats, so thats probably what I was going for.
    But in the end, its all up to him.
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    This is basically a first concept. Just to give me a reference point before I try to free hand them later... and also because I suck at actually drawing and didn't want to show the real versions online.

    On the off chance that he can't decide I came up with this compromise where instead of leaving his body he still stays in the body but can create spirit copies. Keeping with the cat theme I have going here I'm thinking he can create up to 9 copies of himself at a time. There's a catch though. How long the copies last varies depending on how many are active at once.

    1 Spiritca = 9 hours

    2 Spiritcas = 4 hours and 30 minutes each

    3 Spiritcas = 3 hours each

    4 Spiritcas = 2 hours and 15 minutes each

    5 Spiritcas = 1 hour and 48 minutes each

    6 Spiritcas = 1 hour and 30 minutes each

    7 Spiritcas = 1 hour, 17 minutes, and 8.57 seconds each

    8 Spiritcas = 1 hour, 7 minutes, and 30 seconds each

    9 Spiritcas = 1 hour each

    Also oddly enough this is the first time I've come up with a character who's based on a real person but didn't actually use their real name.






    Nickolas Robert Emmil

    Oh in case you didn't notice as it's kind of a small detail. Their eyes are all different colors. Mechanico's eyes are some where between blue and green and actually both match. Spiritca has one blue eye and one green eye like a cat except it's reversed depending on which one you're looking at.

    Oddly enough the real "Nick" (I'm using a fake name cause his mother specifically asked me not to use his real name online.) and his mother actually do change between blue and green eyes. Not like each eye is a different color, I just did that because it fits the cat theme but they do change color.

    - = edit = -

    I had just stayed up all night working on these and neglected to mention how they were actually put together. As I mentioned these aren't the finally versions, I'm basically only using them as a reference.

    Mechanico, is basically a straight up repaint. The only thing I did other than change the color scheme was add in eyes under the helmet. It's kinda hard to even notice but those are actually Tim Drake's eyes cause I don't like leaving the eyes just plain white. The eyes were also recolored some where between blue and green.

    Anyway, the original image is actually from another artist. I'm going to leave links to his Deviant Art and YouTube in a minute. It's not even really a completed drawing, cause I took a screen cap from about half way threw his YouTube video. He did a lot of other work that really made it almost look 3D but that was almost TOO good to fit with the other images I had so I did a screen grab before the other detail was added in. Anyway, please check out the original cause this guy is a much better artist than I am.

    Spiritca was a lot more work. First of all I had to get images of Tim Drake/Robin both in and out of costume. I over lapped those two images on top of each other and erased Robin's hair and the giant white eyes. Tim Drake has a different hair style, more realistic less anime looking and it left him with a mask that doesn't make his eyes magically turn white. I then extended the sides of the mask so it's not just stuck to his face and actually has a band that wraps around to the back. Also made the eye holes smaller cause remember the mask didn't just make his eyes disappear it also made them gigantic.

    After that I had to do some awkward editing... I gave him solid pants, no more wearing his underwear on the outside. I also had to remove his cape which is a lot harder than you might think. That was really the hardest part was erasing the damn cape. Anyway...

    The next step... oddly enough was putting on a ghost tail. It was at this point that I made a copy cause I was only going to do one with the tail and the other with legs, and I got an image of Danny Phantom, took his ghost tail and shoved it on Robin's body. Then I just changed the color... to red... yeah it was originally going to math his legs.

    Then I had to incorporate a cat theme some how. So I found an image of Catboy from PJ Masks. Took the logo off his chest, added it to Robin's chest. I had already removed the R from his chest but the three yellow lines were still there and I basically used them to line up the symbol so it'd be the same on both images. Then I got rid of the yellow lines. I took just part of the mask to give him cat ears. I didn't want to take his full mask cause it doesn't really fit the head or the animation style that well. And then I took his tail. The tail actually already had a part in the original image where Catboy's arm was in the way and I kinda made that part wider in this version just cause of the way it lined up with the image.

    Once I had that all done I wanted to add some orange into the color scheme so that's when I recolored the belt so it was no longer yellow. It was also at this point I realized how dumb it would look having a ghost tail and a cat tail and I couldn't figure out a good way to incorporate the blue in with the red so I just made the entire tail orange to blend in with the belt.

    It's also nice that with the exception of the orange most of the parts I was using were already colors I wanted. And just to fill you in on why he has this color scheme. Blue is my dad's favorite color, Orange WAS my favorite color when I was younger and it's easier to work with than black when I'm trying to repaint something without loosing the detail, and Red is the kid's favorite color. I thought it would be a neat idea to incorporate all three generations colors into the color scheme.

    With that in mind you might also have hopefully noticed that the addition of Blue on Ironcat isn't entirely random but actually corresponds to the blue robot parts of Cheetor. I actually wanted to quite literally add Cheetor parts to the armor so it wasn't so obviously Ironman as a cat but I couldn't find any pictures of Cheetor that matched the art style so I just painted parts of him blue. Another reason I wanted Cheetor parts is to give him a more human appearance with actual hands and straight legs. This is suppose to be a human under the costume after all not an anthropomorphic cat. I'm not really entirely happy with the way that one turned out.

    Considering I'm just going to draw these out by hand later I'm not sure why it's even important to make the rough draft reference material look so good.
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    Good lord, that is a lot of effort. I am shocked, and you have earned my full respect for your efforts. I literally cannot describe my awe at your dedication, so if you need ANY help at all (I also suck at drawing, so sorry about that). I had this strange idea involving comic books, but for now, I want to give you some feedback on these. I feel like the idea of Spiritca copies lasting for a limited time is genius. Its one of the most important storytelling mechanics, a weakness! It seems so simple yet it allows for so many possibilities! Sorry for blabbering, I guess I REALLY like writing books. I love the attention to detail you did with the eyes. All I can suggest now is that in the final versions to make the edges smoother, and to make it look like its own character, add some backstory, go wild! In the end, though, you have to remember to mould it to his preferences.
    Dude, if you need any help concerning anything, please feel free to contact me.

    If you don't mind, now I shall finish with a haiku, a thing I have started doing, I guess.

    I am the great cat.
    Your resistance is futile.
    No food shall be spared.
    Look up at the stars, not down at your feet.
    -Stephen Hawking.
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    The main reason I started by editing an image of Robin/Tim Drake is because I've actually done all my characters that way... and because I didn't want to post the actual drawings online. The only one that really looks good is the one my dad did that originally started all this. Oddly enough I'm not entirely sure what happen to that drawing. I think it's probably back in the art folder where I originally found it cause I don't have it.

    Anyway, I have gotten better at editing existing images. You can see my past work on my web site which is actually linked on my profile page. There's also images of some characters as they appeared in City of Heroes... well except for Lord Imperial since I haven't updated that site in a long time. That picture is from before the release of City of Villains. When that game came out I made an evil version called Lord Vestereo who wears the black and red costume and changed Imperials costume to blue and white. (Was originally suppose to be white and blue until I realized that making a character with a white hood wouldn't look right thanks to a certain organization that I wish didn't exist.) I did keep the gem on his belt in blue but everything else is reversed. It was important to his back story that the gems be blue and red. They are a lighter shade than the rest of the costume though so it still stands out. I had to make the gems three shades brighter so that I could see the difference with my color blindness.

    That said, I think Spiritca stands out pretty well as his own thing. I edited that one so much it doesn't even look like Robin anymore. It's the other one that I think doesn't stand out as his own character mostly because it's a straight repaint. It's obviously a cat in an Ironman costume, I just can't get over the fact that it's obviously Ironcat. I really need to incorporate some elements of Cheetor into the design.

    I think I might do a bit more with Spiritca as well just cause I think I want to remove the black from his costume entirely and incorporate more of the brighter colors. Anyway this is very much still a work in progress. But I'm going to take a break for a while. I still also have to figure out where I'm going to hang it.

    Anyway... the reference material will also give him an idea of approximately what the character is going to look like that way I don't have to draw and color both images unless I absolutely have to. It's a lot more work to do this stuff entirely from scratch than to edit a few existing images together. Plus I still haven't even colored most of my original drawings. I did a few of the main characters and then ran out of blue half way through Mr. Hammer Head. (Neptune's evil clone) Seriously I still have all my original drawings and most of them are still just outlines with no color. I colored, Neptune and Mallardman which my Mallardman is no where near as good as my dad's was and that's it.

    Point is I'm running on limited resources and don't want to waist colored pencils on a drawing I don't have to do. I'm almost kind of hoping he picks Spiritca because I feel like Mechanico needs a lot more work so he doesn't look so much like an Ironman knock off. I think I need to do more with him before I can even show it to him. I don't like that there's this one image I put hours of work into and this one that I threw together in 15 minutes. I want to feel like I've put an equal amount of effort into both versions so I'm not routing for him to choose any one in particular. I don't want to accidentally influence his decision with the one I like best.

    Oddly enough I was liking Mechanico better before this cause I initially already had an rough idea in mind of what it was going to look like and Spiritca I had no idea what I was doing. I just threw stuff together till I liked what I saw and now hate Mechanico because that's not at all how I was originally imagining it to be.

    My original concept for Mechanico was a tehcnopath, the armor was meant to be large and kinda clunky, like he built it himself with his powers not this sleek smooth Ironman look. But this was literally the only thing I could find that had a cat theme and looked like it had the right proportions for a child. I was even thinking it might be a little bit asymmetrical. When I have some more time I'm going to try to mess with it a bit more, see what I can do about fixing the hands and legs and warping some of the details to be closer to what I originally pictured.
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    I bring you the new and improved Mechanico!


    The asymmetrical design was intentional as this is closer to how I originally envision him in the first place. He now has a more human appearance thanks to the new arms and boots. The chest detailing has been changed so it's less obviously Ironman armor. There's also the two new additions to make him a little more obviously a disabled super hero.

    The boots are actual leg braces which he wears. I found a picture online of the same style he happens to have which in the original image were empty, I had to edit them a lot to make it look like there were actual feet in them and attached to the legs. The green tube that you see going from the stomach and looping around to the back of the armor is a feeding tube. I made it that color because it's kinda of the same color as his formula... or at least that's how it looks to me anyway. Have I mentioned I'm color blind?

    Now that I have a design I'm actually happy with I can show these to "Nick" and let him pick which one he wants.


    This is a cool image but I should probably make one more image that's just a side by side of the two characters so I can get a clear read on which one his gaze is focused on.

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