Tamer_Of_PuffsTamer_Of_Puffs Melbourne, Australia. Posts: 25
Hello, people of the world, I dont want to disclose my exact location for this, all I can say is I live in the south-eastern suburbs, I only have one nerdfighter friend. So, I really want to meet up with people. Im still very young so I wont be able to physically come (unless you guys have a spotless excuse for my parents, I mean, Im going to Vidcon.) I just want to get to know more nerdfighters in my area! If you want it, we may be able to meet up through discord etc.
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  • Lilly8747Lilly8747 Victoria, AustraliaPosts: 1 Newbie
    Hey, I also live in Victoria, but in Ballarat. I don't normally comment on anything, I find it a bit daunting on the Tuataria Discord, but I would also like to make some more Nerdfighter friends.
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