Post something interesting that happened to you today

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What happened to you today that made you say "huh"? Doesn't have to be good or bad or neutral, just interesting.

I'll start.

Today I was handling 80% industrial methylated spirit. In a blizzard. The temperature today is only -4°C but with the windchill it got well below -10°C, and I spilled a decent glug of the spirit onto my hand. Oh. My. Gosh! The methanol of course has a very low flashpoint. The heat of your hand can evaporate it even in cold conditions, and it really wants to evaporate!

My hand stopped moving. First it burned with the cold and then it felt nothing at all. It had gotten so cold that my nerves weren't producing enough ATP to fire! This happened in the space of a few seconds, not even half a minute. I got indoors, warmed it up, it burned again as it warmed up but then it was fine. I'm a field ecologist, I know my first aid.

But as it was warming up I thought of that bit in FMA where they douse the bloke in meths and push him out in the snow (and I'm 90% certain those tanks were running on some flavour of methylated spirit) and he froze up fast. I'm just like "holy crap! It was real!"
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