New method (biology), but what to do?

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For my MBiol I'm developing a technique to measure something which, as far as anyone I'm working with can tell, has never been measured before. I can't talk hugely about it just yet, but it'll all be wrapped up by the end of May and ready to publish. This is very publishable. The method is simple, cheap, uses accessible materials of reasonable chemical safety (just don't drink the IMS), and is not time-intensive. Schoolkids of 13 or 14 could do this under supervision and get a great intro to practical ecology.

This puts me in an interesting position. I HATE the paywall! I hate that a journal which didn't produce the work and which doesn't pay the authors is able to charge forty quid a go to unlock a page on a website which already exists. I hate that these journals have set themselves up as the ultimate benchmark for quality knowledge, and that that knowledge is kept secret from all who can't pay. It's no way to run a species.

This begs the question: if I can't get it into one of the free-access journals - they exist. PLOS is a fantastic example - should I just dump it on ResearchGate and spread the link?
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  • JMcKJMcK 51.44°N, 0.33°WPosts: 38
    Okay I just got the first confirmation that this definitely works! It's a thing!

    This is really heady stuff, my brain feels like lightning now; it's almost traumatic, but in a good way.
    Never fear to be kind, but never confuse kindness with ego.
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    Omg, I am super happy for you!! Good look in your further research
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