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Hi everyone,

If you were around in recent months, our forum was targeted by a barrage of spam attacks. The admin team had to remove spam discussion threads and ban spammers every day to keep the spam at a minimum. To defend against the spammers, we have implemented a change to the ranking system. The changes are listed below:

New Users:
New users cannot create new discussions or comment on existing discussions. New users who confirm their email will move up to Level 0.

Level 0:
Level 0 users can comment on existing discussions but cannot create new discussions. Comments are not allowed to contain website links. Level 0 users who make at least 2 comments will move up to Level 1.

Level 1:
Level 1 users can create discussions and include links in their comments. Rank 1 users will also start accumulating points to earn stars on their profile.

The change was put into effect a couple weeks ago, and it appears that the spam attacks have dropped dramatically to manageable levels.

We hope these changes are a minimal disruption to your engagement and enjoyment of the forum. Let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Thank you and DFTBA!

Your faithful admins,

Luke (@Luke) and Mikey (@gnaist)
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