[COMPLETED!]My fiancé is in a pickle.. GoFundMe and figuring out how to English good

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I am sorry that my first discussing on here is me begging for help, after being backed into a corner having troubles being noticed with my small social groups and nonexistent facebook i went to youtube to wind down a bit and think. Then i saw John's video about emergencies and how he talked about disaster aid. I kinda took that as an omen and i came here and happy to see that this place at least sees some activity!

I remembered the nerdfighters and how amazing you were back when Our Pants were still a thing. I fell out of the community when the hackers happened and everything. I regret not making any lasting friends as i am now coming back on my knees. I made a GoFundMe campaign for my fiancé to raise enough money for them to cover her costs of living, making sure that she keeps her place of residence.

I feel ashamed to just pop in and ask for aid, so i want to make this discussion not only to raise awareness of my campaign but also ask for aid, i wanted to ask if there is anything i could do better in this campaign, if there is anything that is a turnoff so to speak?


After getting help with my English i don't know how well the story in the link sounds, but i hope it explains something at least

I live in Sweden and my fiancé in the states, California to be exact and i have been supporting them financially for a while but i can't afford to do so anymore.

My fiancé is ill after a long time of struggling and never getting enough rest having their stress build up making all their already difficult things worse, they can't work but i am currently looking for a job to not only gain back the income i lost, but get a greater one.

I really need your guys help, i don't know where else to turn right now, i am really sorry

EDIT: I had to rewrite the story in gofundme because the way i wrote it made it sound like a scam, being stressed out of your mind makes your social skills really terrible apparently!

EDIT2: Thanks to everyone for the help! We managed to gather enough money and get resources for any future things that might happen!


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