What kind of learner are you?



  • MedvedMedved Posts: 3
    Other (please explain)
    i voted other because i usually come out multimodal on the VARK (or VAK) tests and the other tests are just weird lol
  • bluebeefbluebeef Posts: 10

    Just give me a textbook entry or a page of notes, then give me a few days, and I'll be set.

  • TeajTeaj The Kingdom of CanadaPosts: 19,071 ✭✭✭✭
    No preference
    No real preferance, depends on the teacher, subject, and specific lesson.
  • pianokittypianokitty Fond du Lac, WIPosts: 55
    I voted  visual because I've always done better when I am shown step by step how to do something. Its easier for me that way.
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  • J6uliaJ6ulia Posts: 4
    I'm mostly spatial, but if something isn't written down, I won't remember it.

  • AsakuraHaoAsakuraHao Posts: 47
    Kinesthetic or tactile
    I don't really know, answered tactile because my natural way of studying is making a summary a few days before. I study physics so doing a lot of exercises and writing everything down anchors the subject in my brain. In exams I find that when I can't quite recall something I just trust my hands to know it for me. Though I do the reading thing a lot as well. When I've summarized a chapter I have already read it three times, once completely comprehensively, next time to underline the important bits and the last in order to summarize. so it's really more of a visual/tactile combo
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  • CiaryCiary Posts: 1
    visual and auditory. combination of both is the best. but mostly auditory. i remember things better when they are told.
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  • Other (please explain)
    So i chose other, 

    I chose other because i am a horrible learner in general (at least my teachers think so) it takes me four days to learn things my classmates can learn in a week and i am confused by most things. I am horrible at taking tests too. :( It really sucks having to bring home PIZZZAA grades to parents who expect you to be a straight A student. I am taking world history this year, and just to have some background knowledge i started watching crash course... as well as having to take chemistry this year so i watched some of those videos too. 

    I think that Hank and John have an inciteful, smart, realistic way of looking at things that somehow makes it easier for me to learn. 
  • TeajTeaj The Kingdom of CanadaPosts: 19,071 ✭✭✭✭
    No preference
    @rachel_abraham5199 it might just be that you need to learn it in a different way. two of the smartest people I know have 'learning disabilities' if you need extra help with anything I'd be happy to tutor you online (finished high school last year) or you could find someone in your school that will.
  • zadnylzadnyl PennsylvaniaPosts: 3
    I'm an auditory learner. I used to knit during the majority of my college courses rather than taking notes because it would allow me to listen without falling asleep. I asked permission from the professors of course. This used to drive my husband (then boyfriend) nuts. He would take detailed notes and study for hours and all I had to do was sit and listen. My biggest challenge was not falling asleep.  
  • MadScientistMadScientist Lawrence, KSPosts: 32 ✭✭
    I had to say visual. If someone's just talking to me about ideas, or if I'm in a seminar and there's nothing helpful up on the screen, then my brain just automatically tunes out the talking unless I'm trying very hard to focus. Then I'll sit there and draw/write things out as I try to go back over it.
  • LillianLove07LillianLove07 Next-to-Narnia, Massachusetts, USAPosts: 21
    Other (please explain)
    I'm both auditory and visual it depends on what I am doing
  • _RobbieBlair__RobbieBlair_ UtahPosts: 26
    I'm strongly auditory/kinesthetic. Often, that means I feel a need to spit ideas back in my own words to feel I understand them.
  • KeeleyzincKeeleyzinc Asheville NCPosts: 60
    Other (please explain)
    Other.. I learn different from a lot of
    People haha I have to study really hard in school and study a lot! But i have a lot of information not a lot of
    People know like some Historic events and pointless info.. If i don't try to learn it I just will but it seems like if I try really hard I won't get it :P
  • cbyrne19cbyrne19 TNPosts: 4
    I consider myself to be a visual learner--Still, in some situations, I learn better in a kinesthetic type of way rather than a visual type of way.

    For example, I taught myself to play guitar by watching people play and imitating their actions.  I learned how to play visually, but I never really understood it until I played it.
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  • strukbylightninstrukbylightnin Southern CaliforniaPosts: 331 ✭✭
    I'm an audio learner. Listening to lectures helps me remember things a lot more, and I can always remember a person's voice much better than I can remember what they looked like. I often read my textbooks out loud to myself and then explain the concept to someone else in my own words. It really helps it all sink in for me! Other forms of learning are still beneficial to me, but audio is definitely what really works for me. I often times just let Crash Course or SciShow videos play while I do other things...all the information while multitasking!
  • LibertyNerd25LibertyNerd25 The Good Ol' United States of AmericaPosts: 359 ✭✭✭
    Other (please explain)
    I like a combination of visual, kinesthetic, and auditory. 
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  • Other (please explain)
    I learn best with a combination of visual and tactile + logical /hierarchical information distribution. Basically, I learn best from making my own notes which are a combination of text, mind maps and cartoons. Normally I would go through the material, make notes and, by the time I get to reading them, I already absorbed most of it. 

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  • ashsayshelloashsayshello AustraliaPosts: 2,050 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2014
    I learn best through a combination of visual and kinesthetic, but I voted visual because I think that is the most beneficial for me out of the two. Ideally it would be a combination of both though :)
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  • EmHasAUsernameEmHasAUsername Minnesota, USAPosts: 44
    Other (please explain)
    It's so cool to see this question here.

    Anyway, I voted "other" because I'm a combination of visual and kinesthetic.

    I'm a big picture thinker, so I seem to learn better when presented with patterns or common threads between facts, so I guess that would count as Narrative? Or something? I don't know. I guess that could fall under kinesthetic.
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  • HastingsHastings Posts: 24
    Other (please explain)
    I voted other, because I learn best by combining all of the three styles. Additionally, I can learn fairly equally with all of the different styles.

    One of my favourite things to do is learn how interactions of various things at a micro-level influence/affect the interactions of things at a macro-level and vice versa. I also am strongly interested in dissecting how different systems work in order to learn how they work, and then once that has been done I like to figure out what's wrong with those systems and find out ways to improve them. I have strong interests in political science (my major!), physics, economics, and well...really everything I guess, I just love learning about all things! 
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  • jupiterrocks24jupiterrocks24 Amestris, of course!Posts: 26
    Well, I'm like a mix of auditory and visual, but more towards the auditory, so yeah. I swear, my brain is 90% song lyrics, and if you can make a song about some school topic, I can memorize it and therefore remember it.

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  • RabbitWhatRabbitWhat SpainPosts: 13
    No preference
    I'm a "this theory is pseudo-scientific nonsense and it has been proven over and over again that everybody is all types of learner" learner.

    I know why the myth is so persistent: because believing it makes classes more interesting for everyone. But teachers need to understand that ALL of our students need information to be shared in as many ways as possible.
  • TheTomTheTom Posts: 17
    I voted visual. I definitely need to see things and use them as a reference to learn and understand them.
  • greenlightgreenlight Posts: 16
    I am definitely a visual learner! I tend to read, then take notes, then read them over and over again, and ones I am having an exam I know where exactly the info needed for answering the question stands on my notes. This is the way I remember things best, at least for me. I also love visualizing when studying, because it is always easier to memorize things once you see them or imagine them, this way I pay more attention to the details.
  • RoopaliRoopali IndiaPosts: 14
    Visual, certainly. Tactile learning is fun ,as well as occasional for me, as visual learning is the only way of learning promoted in my school.
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