What kind of learner are you?

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How does the average crash course viewer best learn new things? Here's a poll to find out! I know there's some controversy around the idea of learning styles but it's still interesting.
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What kind of learner are you? 299 votes

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Kinesthetic or tactile
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No preference
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Other (please explain)
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  • TARDISandSparklesTARDISandSparkles Posts: 59 ✭✭
    I voted visual but I actually learn best when it's a visual/kinesthetic approach.
  • BelisariusBelisarius Posts: 314 ✭✭✭
    Other (please explain)
    I voted 'Other' because either visual or auditory learning is best for me. Doesn't really matter which one.
  • SamnellSamnell Posts: 22
    It's been too long since teacher school and I went to a bad one. Which category does reading fall under? I could possibly count auditory too. Mainly I work like a sponge. As long as the content is being poured in in some kind of reasonably logical way (frequent topic hopping or random audio-visual intrusions do not help) and I'm paying sufficient attention, all is well. 

    I had several times in school where I was asked to draw a picture or do some kind of craft-style project to learn something but, except when drawing X or making X was the goal itself, those just got the blank stare and confusion from me. Now that I'm writing this I remember one. Back in 5th grade we were to draw amendments from the Bill of Rights. I picked Freedom of Speech and did a split page with one stick figure deprecating the president and thus being shot by another and then the same stick figure deprecating the president but without a shooter.

    This was wrong, though I'm not sure how. Everyone else drew acts related to the amendments by subject matter but giving no indication of the actual effect of the amendments. I don't know how that was right, unless the notion was that speech or religion were physically impossible without the First Amendment. That would have been very odd. Anyway, if the previous was meant as a visual thing then I don't think I'm a visual learner.
  • AJ91AJ91 Posts: 283 ✭✭✭
    Other (please explain)
    I recently did a test about learning styles that looked at Reflective/Theoretical and pragmatic/active learning. I scored insanely high on reflective and theorectical, reasonably high on pragmatic, and got almost nothing in active. We were being told that there is no "right type" of learner, but I'm sure that that much imbalance cannot be healthy.
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  • dyaizondyaizon Posts: 86 ✭✭
    Kinesthetic or tactile
    Kinesthetic, definitely, even to the extent where just writing stuff out helps a lot.

    Actually doing whatever I'm learning is just so much better for me than reading about it, which is annoying in some ways as it usually takes far longer ;)
  • syue1984syue1984 Posts: 30
    Kinesthetic or tactile
    I'm definitely a Kinesthetic learner. 

    My auditory comprehension is pretty much 0.
  • mikiczmikicz Posts: 88
    Other (please explain)
    I'm mainly a reader.
  • bexinterrobangbexinterrobang Posts: 462 ✭✭✭
    Other (please explain)
    I'm also a reader or a writer, like @mikicz :)

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  • 0Martina00Martina0 Posts: 88 ✭✭
    Other (please explain)
    I listen to understand and read to remember.
  • SamnellSamnell Posts: 22
    AJ91 said:
    I recently did a test about learning styles that looked at Reflective/Theoretical and pragmatic/active learning. I scored insanely high on reflective and theorectical, reasonably high on pragmatic, and got almost nothing in active. We were being told that there is no "right type" of learner, but I'm sure that that much imbalance cannot be healthy.
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  • appleapple Posts: 44
    Other (please explain)
    I have to explain something in order to learn it properly - I get the best results when I read it and then recreate the text - breaking it down, restructuring it and writing it down, visualising it and making some graphs out of it (yay infographics) or (the most helpful of them all) teaching it - trying to explain the information to someone is my go-to way.
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  • AlineAline Posts: 221 ✭✭✭
    Other (please explain)
    Definitely reader.
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  • JuliaConfabsJuliaConfabs Posts: 37 ✭✭
    100% a reader. I don't pay attention in lecture for a month and then read the necessary 2-3 chapters of the textbook the weekend before the exam and do a few problems. It works for me.... mostly. I'd be a better student if I was constantly reading the textbooks but I never do :/
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  • Kinesthetic or tactile
    One of my favorite teachers ever (who coincidentally was the one to introduce me to Vlogbros and CrashCourse) made this a huge topic in his class. I have found myself to be kinesthetic, though I had previously forced myself to be a visual or auditory. At my school (a magnet school for 1. gifted learners and 2. talented artists), you're considered below-par if you're a kinesthetic, reading, or other sort of learner; it's as if learning differently means that you can't learn at all. Ridiculous!
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  • lilliroselillirose Posts: 566 ✭✭✭
    Other (please explain)
    I'm using other as an 'I'm not sure'

  • KatelynKatelyn Posts: 22
    Reading is visual.

    I chose visual but technically I learn best when reading and writing.
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  • jermrzjermrz Posts: 1
    I'm auditory which makes crash course about the most useful thing on the planet.
  • kelseyma4kelseyma4 Posts: 17 ✭✭
    Kinesthetic or tactile
    I am very much a Kinesthetic learner. I really started realizing that when I started college. What I am studying mostly involves doing hands on work which is awesome. :) Yay GIS and IT! 
  • meg4nerdmeg4nerd Posts: 86 ✭✭
    I am completely auditory. Taking notes doesn't do anything for me. I either get it when someone says it or I don't. Studying doesn't me at all. If the teacher said it in class I will have it memorized. it is actually very rare that I forget something I heard. 
    I don't however remember everything I read unless I am interested in it. If I like the topic I will fully understand it. 
  • SmurfieSmurfie Posts: 29
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    Kinesthetic or tactile
    Kinesthetic here. I learn by rewritting the stuff I'm supposed to learn and making schemes and whatnot. I used to not pay attention in classes except to take notes when necessary and reading a textbook never did any good for me. My strategy for an exam was to sit down the night before, blast some extra loud metal or epic music with my headset on and rewrite what was necessary for the exam. I always did good in my classes using that strategy, got me through from High School all the way to my PhD. ^_^ (and Yes, people always looks at me like O_o when I tell them that I never studied more than 6-7 hours for an exam, but it's true! :( )
  • ozziewithanieozziewithanie Posts: 120 ✭✭
    Visual, with tactile being a very close second.  Usually a combination of the two is what teaches me something the best, but when that can't happen (for instance, psychology) a visual approach is most effective.  This is why I have trouble learning history or math.  (especially math)  It's not that they don't interest me, it's just that the most readily-available methods of teaching them really don't lend themselves to me learning them.
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  • mirndamirnda Posts: 142 ✭✭✭
    I'm extremely visual, with a fairly photographic memory. However, I am horrible with auditory learning! I can hear something and forget it instantly unless I'm really paying attention.
  • pepogoodpepogood Posts: 2
    i feel that by hearing a clear explanation of what i need to learn i learn the best. i mean that i do read but when i have to study on my own i read out loud not only because that provides two different ways for my brain to absorb the information but because simply reading for my own doesn't work that well for me that's why crash course helped me a lot specially in the biology series in which coincidentally they explained all my biology syllabus  
  • Visual
    I am very visual when learning and, even though I do not have anything close to a photographic memory, I can usually recall where I can find the information in pretty much every single textbook I've read (e.g. upper corner of first 5 pages of chapter X). It is not that useful for exams but is great when I have to check something after a while.

    Depending on the subject, I also feel comfortable with kinesthetic learning, but please, don't make me listen to something to learn it. It will only end in tears and despair.

    I do, however, find it very interesting how different the learning styles are from one person to another and how hard it is to create a learning system that works for a large amount of the population in college, for instance.
  • Visual
    I'm a really weird case. 4 years ago, I would have said visual no question, but since I picked up dancing, I guess I need a more kinesthetic approach. Although if it's technique I know well, and it's just reinforcement, auditory works fine, and at this point, it's rare for me to need anything more than visual to be able to try something out.
  • ButtersButters Posts: 2,125 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Kinesthetic or tactile
    I would rather do. Feel the process in my own hands that way I know it better. I can easily grasp a concept if I read it or it's told to me but I have to change and play with it in my head before it makes sense
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  • saerasaera Las Cruces, NM / El Paso, TXPosts: 156 ✭✭✭
    edited November 2012
    Other (please explain)
    I am about equally split on visual and auditory. One or the other is okay, like, I'll probably do pretty well and get good marks, but if I get both together I understand much more clearly and completely.
    Which, come to think of it, must be why things like CrashCourse and MinutePhysics work for me :)
    Even if I'm writing (or typing) things out, I need to hear the words and match them up to what they represent.

    If I'm required to do something tactile or kinesthetic things will go one of two ways. Best case, I hold the thing and stare it it or turn it around and figure out how it works that way (literally only works with things that are puzzle-like or simple machines... I don't know why). Worst case, my anxiety flares and I learn nothing and probably embarrass myself in the process. Because reasons.

  • Raytiger3Raytiger3 Posts: 191
    Other (please explain)
    Oh well. I'm gifted so I can learn never really learned to learn... It's complicated in my brain >_<
    But nowadays I finally started learning/doing stuff because I'm in education for gifted children, like me. Nice teachers taught me to learn stuff really fast, just by looking at it and repeating it in my mind or w/e method I apply. In my mind, everything is just learnable like vocab, you just need to mark down the important words in any text, hop them into a list and learn! Overall, I learned a LOT from YouTube, Crash Course, Minutephysics, ViHart etc. etc. All this English? Oh well. I'm from the Netherlands, my pronunciation is horrible, but I can type like-a-boss. I learned this from tons and tons of games :)

    Also, I'm new to Nerdfighteria (I watch vlogbrothers for over 2 years though :3)
    someone mind introducing me? :o
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  • JHitzigJHitzig Posts: 3
    Kinesthetic or tactile
    Kinesthetic! with Visual as a very close second.
    Auditory input slides right off my brain. Like water off a duck. 
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  • aoifbuscusaoifbuscus Posts: 81
    Visual, definitely. I have to re-write all my notes for an upcoming exam. I hate going to lectures because I can never remember anything! 
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