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    ^ Not much. I'd basically just get the occasional prank out of it and that's about it.

    > I keep bubblewrap in a drawer in my nightstand, just in case the mood strikes me.

    v What's your funniest board game story?
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    ^ The first time I played Star Wars Duels was on break at the theater. My Stage Manager brought it in. In case you're unfamiliar with the game it's kind of a board/card game. You have characters on the board and corisponding deck of cards that say what you can do with those characters. Anyway the first time I ever played my Stage Manager played force push which let's you move an enemy to any empty space on the board, and force lift which prevents you from defending against attacks. He moved me right into the middle of the battle field and I lost my first ever game before I could even do anything. Still ended up buying my own copy and a Transformers version which has the exact same rules making it possible to easily play both games at the same time.

    > Starscream has a card that let's him play other character's special cards as his own which basically means he can use any Force ability from Star Wars up to episode 2 cause 3 hadn't been released yet when these games were made. Him and Darth Maul are my favorite characters to play as. Maul doesn't actually have any special cards but he makes up for it because normally you can only do two actions per turn but Maul has a bunch of cards that say this card does not count as an action which means he can attack up to eight. times on one turn instead of only two. It's a really fun strategy game and each character has their own unique abilities so you can adjest your strategy based on the play style of the characters in the game. There's also four diiferent stages you can play on, eight if you get both. And the stages also have different obstacles you have to work around.

    V What's a game you would recommend that you don't think many people even know exists?
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    ^ Cosmic Encounter. Awesome strategy board game that can turn on a dime.

    > My brother has the flu, so that's fun

    v What's the most fun you've ever had while not playing a game, reading, or watching a movie/show/etc.?
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