I'm doing a birthday crowdfunding for Taman Bacaan Pelangi to build libraries! Please help spread it

nickyjay11nickyjay11 Posts: 1
Hey guys.

So, i'm doing a birthday crowdfunding instead of a birthday party for taman bacaan pelangi (also known as Rainbow reading gardens https://www.facebook.com/PelangiBook/?fref=mentions) to build libraries and give literacy lesson in remote areas of eastern Indonesia and I need everyone help to get to my target.

If you want to learn quickly more about me and who they are and why im doing this: ✨ I featured myself opening John Greeen new book in (0:46)! ✨

So far I have reached 1,000 but my goal is far to be reached. If anyway anyone can help me post this in your instagram, twitter, facebook or so far. It would be amazing to get that help.

The link to help will be here : https://www.generosity.com/volunteer-fundraising/marsbirthday-crowdfunding-for-taman-bacaan-pelangi/x/9366192
This will be open until 25th of nov (And maybe a bit along November) and if you wanna support me by tweeting this out, or you want a cool fliter for yout insta story to post or if you want me to write something or have any further question please message me in instagram @nickyjay11 !
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