Pokemon Nerdfightaria version

So the other day I was rewatching some old Vlogbrothers videos and I was suddenly struck by the idea for a Pokemon fan game/rom hack. I recently started trying to create something like this and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

Also, I do know that John doesn't really get Pokemon but I thought this would be fun.

So far I have most of the major opponents figured out.

You would play as a kid who just moved to indianapolis

Champion: Hank and John Green or perhaps ze frank

Elite four:

#1 Michael Aranda (Dark type) because of the video where hank shows the office where he is making music in the dark
#2 Wheezy waiter (fighting type) because punching eagles
#3 The Katherine (ground type) because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
#4 The Yeti (ice type) because yeti

Gym leaders

Not in order unless specified:
#1 Emily Grasile rock because fossils and things
#2 Kurt (flying) the punk rock nerdfighter who took pepes from hank(this may be changed
#3 CGP grey Ghost
#4 Hannah Hart (fire and one water pokemon) because my drunk kitchen
#5 Joe hanson from its okay to be smart
#6 Psyshow psych (phsyic) because well duh
#7 Keruzegast steel because i imagine them as a robot.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
#8 Psyshow space(dragon) because space is cool and dragons are cool

other gym leaders not final

Professor: John green
Rival: Henry (Alice will randomly help you along your journey. Such as giving you a map of the region)

Evil team I'm still trying to figure out but it will be somewhere along the lines of people trying to drain the awesome out of Pokemon
Maybe I don't know that might be dumb

The layout of the region is an archipelagic empire as John said, you get around the island. However, the towns are places where important people live including

Starting town: Indianapolis home of John
Major city Missoula Montana home of Hank
fossils can be revived into puppy sized elephant (phanphy) or tuatara(kecleon)

Not of great importance at the moment

I was thinking of maybe making midi covers of some of Hanks songs for music.
However, I have no idea how to do this at the moment.
Some ideas for th region may come from posts on the nerdfightaria forum
Also if anyone wants to draw sprites for people that would be awesome.



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