Chinese Hacker

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Sarah Bull is a friend of mine and I talked to her a couple days ago about the name change and odd videos that have been appearing on this channel. She has no idea what's going on with this channel, she wasn't even aware that anyone was uploading videos on it till I brought it to her attention.

I thought I would start a post about this here. Is anyone else having this problem? Also I put the odd text into Google Translate which said it was Chinese so that's lead me to the conclusion that whoever hacked and took over this channel must also be Chinese or at least speak Chinese.

Some of the videos have links in the description, DO NOT CLICK ON THEM. This channel just suddenly started being really active recently but the owners of the channel are not the ones uploading the videos. You can see towards the bottom of the page that the first few videos are all in English, those are real, but all the ones in Chinese should not be there.
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