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I just thought of this idea for a forum game where we discuss a topic as if this were a real discussion except you can not actually say any titles or character names that would give away what the actual topic is. You can drop clues as to what the plot of the story is as long as it doesn't involve any names.

To make this a little more fun and interesting, everyone should be discussing their own topic of choice in a way that would make it appear like we're all discussing the same thing even though we really aren't. I'll put some examples though I'm actually going to say the topic for these.

Full Metal Alchemist: Did you see the trailer for the live action version of that anime? It looks fan made but this is a real movie.

Death Note: Yeah I just streamed it on my TV the other day. It would of been better if this were a continuation with new characters rather tan horrible reimaginings of the characters from the anime.

See this way it sounds like they're discussing the same thing even though they're actually having two entirely different topics. Keeping things generic like this without using names it should be easy to add to the discussion even though you have no idea what's actually being discussed.

There's a second part to this game which is guessing what the heck people are actually talking about. You have to remember what your topic was and keep all your posts related to that topic because this is going to help people guess what it is your talking about. They can't really do that if you change your topic every time. For guessing, you need to pay attention to who posted what so you don't get clues mixed up between different people. If someone guesses your topic correctly you need to let them know and then change to a new topic. When your guessing a topic being talked about, give the name of the person who's topic you're guessing and then the title of what they're actually talking about. If a guess is wrong, also let them know that before continuing the discussion.

So I'm going to start this thing, let the conversation build up a bit before you try guessing. First page should be all topics. Second page you can start guessing what the heck we're talking about.


They need to stop making sequels with that director and just reboot the whole franchise. No one really likes those movies and the characters are mostly unrecognizable to the source material. It's weird that it hasn't been rebooted already.
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