Gun Discussion with a Marine/Law Enforcement

I recently brought up the recent Health Care Triage video with my brother-in-law, a former marine and current law enforcement agent, and it was discussing the flaw in your last video which made the conversation easier. An AR-15 is an assault weapon, but not an assault rifle, and this VERY common misconception opened up a broader conversation about gun safety in America that went well.

We agree on universal background checks, fixing the ridiculously outdated Alcohol Tobacco and Firearm's non-searchable gun databases, as well as a ban on automatic weapons and weapons that fire high caliber bullets. All of this was even agreed upon even in context of REAL government tyrant. It was a productive conversation not because it solved the gun problem in America, Jordan Klepper did that already, but because it brought together two people who probably thought they were ideologically opposed on the issue of guns.


  • "I recently brought up the recent..." Someone slap me for not seeing that while proof reading...
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