The Hank and John Green Scatological Reference Database, by the Nerdfighteria Sanitation Department

The sheer volume of scatological references in vlogbrothers videos has finally drawn the attention of the Nerdfighteria Sanitation Department. The Nerdfighteria Wiki returns 313 videos for the search term ‘poop’. It dawned on one the department's advisers to count the number of scatological references in vlogbrothers videos over the past years as a weird and potentially hilarious opportunity for many new Nerdfighters to participate in their first project! If you've helped on projects before, no worries, we want your help too!

To accomplish our goal, each reader of this post need only to watch one vlogbrother video and report back with the number of verbal scatological references.

The purpose of this count is to analyze the data for humorous statistics, and correlations with their personal lives. I’ll be honest, this idea wasn’t started by a Nerdfighteria Wiki search but by the question, “did the number of scatological references in vlogbrothers increase sharply upon the birth of their children?” My sister’s poop references sharply rose after her child was born this year. So, I would assume poopy diapers might be correlated with the data, but like any Nerdfighter I was interested in the data. Hank had a child in October 2016 and John’s kids’ birthdays aren’t readily available on wiki, so maybe he’ll share that with us, or not, because we’re counting poop references, not writing a biography!

If you have any predictions and/or hypothesis please share them too! Has the number of references gone up over time? Has their frequency decreased? What is the average number of poop references per minute of vlogbrother video? Whose videos have more fecal content, John or Hank? These are questions we can answer!

This is only feasible with the help of Nerdfighters like you, please count the number of verbal scatological references in one or more videos and post the name of the episode and the number you counted. All the data will be put into a spreadsheet with your Nerdfighter forum name so that you may receive proper credit. The final results of the project will hopefully be: 1) a nerdy infograph of scatological references, 2) a few laughs, and 3) maybe a mention in a vlogbrothers video.

Episodes Uncompleted

Episodes Completed
Brotherhood 2.0: Everyone Poops in my Pants, a Picture Book (31 references)

Link to “Poop” Nerdfighter Wiki results

P.S. Turtles All the Way Down is available for pre-order and is published on October 10, 2017! What a great day to be alive!


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