Richard Hurndall or David Bradley?

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Who do you think is the better William Hartnell replacement first Doctor?

I recommending watching the Five Doctors and Adventures in Space and Time or Twice Apon a Christmas when it comes out back to back before you decide. I'm personally waiting for Christmas before I decide but I figure we've seen enough of David Bradley to make an educated decision.
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    So I just finished watching the 5 Doctors. Richard Hurndall has some good moments but for most of the episode he just seemed a bit off. It's kind of as if his more stern moments are yes that's great, that's exactly how Hartnell would have played it but then the rest of the time it's like something doesn't seem quite right. I think it's because Hartnell often had trouble remembering his lines and it showed in his performance. I could hear him stumbling over his own words as he spoke. Hurndall however sounds more clear and confident when he speaks as if he knows exactly what he's going to say before he opens his mouth. He's a decent look alike and I think he's doing a great job playing the role but he isn't so good at playing Hartnell's mannerisms.

    I think Judging on the performance from Adventures in Time and Space that David Bradly is going to do a much better job with the mannerisms. However I haven't really seen much of him as the Doctor, only little snippets here and there. Playing an actor isn't quite the same thing as playing the character. I'll wait till after the Christmas Special tonight but I'm kinda leaning towards Bradly.

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    Finished watching the Christmas special and David Bradly did a much better job. Though I have no idea why they wrote him as a sexist. Maybe it was just foreshadowing for Jodi but they could of done that without having the Doctor think women are only good for cleaning the TARDIS. It fits the actor to be like that, it even fits the time period of the First Doctor's adventures, but it doesn't fit the character. I know he's never regenerated before but surely in the years he was on Gallifrey before stealing the TARDIS he must of seen other Time Lords regenerate so he must know it's possible for a man to regenerate into a woman, so why the sexist attitude towards women? He was never even like that in the series, given that the show at the time was run by a woman, it was a pretty progressive series for it's time, so why the hell is the Doctor suddenly acting like an human man claiming a woman's place is in the kitchen? Why does Capaldi's Doctor need to tell him not to talk like that when he never spoke like that to begin with?
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