Dear Hank & John: 378 Nerdfighters

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(I wish they had a Dear Hank & John forum but since they don't I'll post this here)

Quite a few episodes ago, Hank & John were talking about receiving 378 of things from fans after John received the Snickers bars, and I thought of something: How about 378 nerdfighters? I was thinking of getting pictures of nerdfighters doing the hand salute and arranging the pictures into either saying Dear Hank & John or 378 Nerdfighters and sending it to one of them. Good idea? Bad?

If you're interested in participating, just post a picture of yourself doing the nerdfighter hand salute.

I'll start

(PS: If anyone is on any other nerdfighter chat, such as Facebook or Discord, feel free to spread the word! I don't have either of those, but it'd be great to get as many pictures as possible.)
Memento mori


  • @snowflake1814 I'm sorry no one ever found this post, this forum hasn't been used much in years. I'm only checking in because I just found out it is getting shut down on March 1st. Maybe you could post it in the Nerdfighteria sub-reddit? reddit dot com/r/nerdfighteria
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