I have way too many Project For Awesome coins (woops!)

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Hi there. I have way too many of the coins from the 2016 Project for Awesome. I was meaning to send them out as Christmas gifts as like a "hey, I donated 20 dollars in your name instead of getting you a gift this year," but then I didn't even send out those; instead of a bad friend / brother / son I'm a horrible friend / brother / son. Don't judge me.
You can judge me it's fine, I don't care.


So I have like 12 of these? It's kind of ridiculous.
Anybody want one? Anybody missed out on project for awesome but wants a memento of it so they can pretend that they donated to charity? Anybody get another perk and then they really just wanted coin instead but hindsight, etc.? Anybody too poor to donate to charity [interesting sidebar - the poorer you are the more of your annual income you donate to charity according to something I heard somewhere {add citation later}] and want a freebie? Anybody a better hoarder than I am?

I will mail them to you or your work or whatever.
It's under an ounce so I think it's just normal postage to mail it? I have 10 stamps, so first 10 to PM me get a token? Maybe 12 if I get more stamps. Free OBO.

PM me
Your Name (or a pseudonym)
Your Shipping Address (or the address to the chinese restaurant near to you)
A picture of a cute animal (I prefer otters, but anything's fine)

I promise not to do anything creepy with any of those.

by kzager20
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