Turtles All the Way Down: The Paradox

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Yes, Turtles all the way down is a paradox! Look at its wikipedia articles (then, if you don't know what the unmoved mover paradox is, look up Crash Course Philosophy episode ~13). I wanted to talk about how this could apply to the book. We know its about a girl with OCD named Aza Holmes (which is interesting because the name Holmes is infallibly associated with Sherlock Holmes, who is probably really rich after all of his T.V shows). I know I'm overanalyzing here, but I wanted to know what other nerdfighters think.



  • I watched a vlogbrothers video by John in which he talks about what it means to be human (I think it was titled Kindness). Today, I desperately needed to be reminded of what it means to be human. I have no doubt that Nerdfighters everywhere have experienced the same profound sense of gratitude for the advice, wisdom, and comfort shared by the vlogbrothers as I experienced today. Rarely do I write or say anything that resonate so strongly with a person that it rekindles their human spirit, and yet the vlogbrothers provide this miracle to millions. Don't take this personally, but I sometimes hate you guys a little for being so awesome because I'm afraid if I tried to emulate you I would fail in all the most important ways.

    I also have a feeling John's next book is going to resonate with me.

    I am only hesitating to pre-order because rumor has it a free happy dance comes with the miracle of a signed copy and double happy dances come with signed copies with doodles. (Pretty sure Amazon is out of signed copies.)

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