So let's say Nerdfighteria is an actual island and every nerdfighter gets to live there. What would it be like? You can be as descriptive and as silly as possible let you imagination run wild


  • TommyLewisTommyLewis Posts: 1
    I think if it is already an island, I will enjoy pleasant weather, exotic food. Nice landscapes will serve as a great inspiration to write my essay for me. I will write stories about this wonderful island, put it in a bottle and people on the ships will get them, find out about this island and tell others by word of mouth! However nope, I do not want others to know about my island, I want to live there in harmony alone!
  • ConfluxUKConfluxUK Posts: 2 Newbie
    I feel like it would be a volcanic island so every couple of years it would get a little taller :wink:
  • Tamer_Of_PuffsTamer_Of_Puffs Melbourne, Australia. Posts: 25
    Meat smoothie salad bars! Because...why not!
    Look up at the stars, not down at your feet.
    -Stephen Hawking.
  • makilaguidomakilaguido Posts: 3
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