July writing challenge (An idea for writers)

I have an idea on today July the first of the year two thousand and seventeen anyone who wishes may join in.
So my idea is starting today July 1st we all write one hundred words everyday until the end of the month (the 31st) and at the end of July choose your favorite sentence of each day and then make a story using those sentences.
it doesn't have to be anything amazing or serious it can be completely random. Everyday you guys can post your one hundred words of the day and at the month we can all share our stories.
Don't think to much of it just have fun I think this could be a great way to build up our writing skills together as nerdfighters I hope you guys will take part of it


  • So here's my one hundred words for July 1st enjoy!

    Jonathan and Rowan entered the living room in Rowan’s house they had just gotten back from the movies. Rowan being the bookworm they were went to the bookshelf. They grabbed their favorite book, a story about ghosts possessing random household objects. As Rowan was reading Jonathan began to notice that the lamp on the bookshelf started to flicker.

    And as the lamp did that the whisk started to make a cake by itself.

    “French the llama!” Jonathan yelled. “Your book is coming to life.”

    “Literally!” Rowan yelled as the book flew out of their hands.

    And as if things couldn’t get any worse the computer turned on and played a loop of Hank Green singing “I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you”

    And that’s when the knives began to come to life

  • My one hundred words for July 2nd

    One day as I was walking along the sidewalk trying to get to my house I found a slip of paper just there. I picked up the slip it read

    “Today is the day where you will discover something amazing, Elizabeth July 28th 1997.”

    “Weird.” I said to myself. A note from twenty years ago. I shrugged it off and continued to walk. As I walked I kept finding little notes that were along the lines of “keep your eyes open”, “Take the opportunity” and “don’t stop looking” it was very strange. Then I found another note it read “look up”. That’s when I met Annabeth Williams

    To be continued… (maybe)

  • July 3rd

    My name is Ezra Smith and I live and work in a space station. It’s an okay life. Everyday I have to wake up and check all the stations engine systems to make sure my other crewmates and I don’t blow up. Then I read some books for an hour before everyone else wakes up for breakfast. We eat the same food every morning, some cereal and apple juice. Then my other crewmates talk to their families back on Earth, I have no family because they all died in a fire. It’s very lonely because the other crewmates don’t like me. I’m thinking of going back to Earth and starting a shoe selling business, but until then I’ll stay here reading books and crying because of my incomplete life.
  • July 4th

    War! It was a very bloody war. I sat in the trenches while the smell of gunpowder and rotting flesh made its way to my nose, and I could see the blood on the dirt of the trenches. I knew I should have been terrified but that was getting old, I’ve been at war for so long this was normal and everyday life was a thing of stories. I felt myself becoming drowsy which was not to strange, I haven’t had decent sleep in days. Then all the sudden I heard a bullet whiz right past my head.

    “Soldier move!” I heard someone yell but I didn’t want to move. I was tired of being a “soldier.” I knew if I didn’t move I could be injured maybe even killed but maybe that would be better than this. Better than this horrific world filled with death and suffering that desensitized me. I took a deep breath and I closed my eyes

    To be continued… (maybe)

  • MikeAaronohnoMikeAaronohno Posts: 59
    Just saw this. I don't really understand the idea though. I thought you wanted to start a continuous story but these don't seem connected.
  • They don't have to be connected the main purpose is to practice your writing skills and get creativity flowing
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