A Nerdfighter Related Game that I'm Working On

I've mentioned (somewhere in Our Pants) that I love programming. Recently I downloaded Unity and started using it. I couldn't decide on what genre of game to make (even though I'd already decided that I would include as many Nerdfighteria references as possible) so I asked a friend (who is also enthusiastic about game dev)

Me: Thomas, I need some ideas for a game.
Thomas: Whatever, you do do NOT make a card game. [I recently playing Hearthstone, which Thomas hates]
Me: That's decided then! I'm making a card game.

I started only a few weeks ago and I don't get too much time to work on it. However, I'll keep you guys posted here. THe GitHub repository can be found here: https://github.com/ritoban-the-nerdfighter/prototype-card-game

On a different note, THOMAS HASN'T READ HARRY POTTER, AND HE STUBBORNLY REFUSES TO READ IT!!!! How can I convince him?????? It's simply decepticonian!!!


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