Collaborative Nerdfighter Poetry/Art Book

Today I heard about a new service that bundle rabbit is launching this summer that will greatly simplify collaborative publishing, because they'll handle the division of royalties between the collaborators and the book keeping. A few months ago, I planned a kid's poetry book with a collaborator (an illustrator) but it didn't work out. We couldn't see eye to eye on it, but using this new service, it would be much easier to collaborate with more people, even relative strangers and that gave me an idea for a project that would use one of the poems I wrote for that. Wouldn't it be fun to do a book of poetry and art inspired by John, Hank, and the Nerdfighter community?

Here's the poem I had written. What do you think and would you like to join me working on this:

Favorite color, number, pet, and food?
Folks making conversation,
not wanting to be rude.

But there are so many favorites.
No one asks about the rest.
What I want to know the most,
is what bridge you think is best.

And what's your very favorite bear?
Gummy? Teddy? Black?
And what's your favorite thing to miss
if you never got it back?

What place is best for sleeping
if you're not sleeping at home?
And what's your favorite galaxy
and favorite star besides our own?

If you fold your hands together,
What's your favorite way to do it?
It feels so strange the other way,
like when you wrong-foot-shoe-it.

Anyway, I think I'll see if John would be willing to read it in the podcast. Might be a long shot, but that would be so cool.


  • MikeAaronohnoMikeAaronohno Posts: 59

    I don't know much about poetry, but reading it out loud, I think the 'not wanting' in the 4th line sounds weird. I like the last stanza best.

    About the project? I think people would need to know more about the service and rabbit bundle in general. Amazon is basically taking over the whole Self-Pub scene right now, with some resistance from Smashwords. Rabbit Bundle handling the royalty distribution sounds cool, though.
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