RolloRollo Operative 6081, MiniTrueAirstrip Three, OceaniaPosts: 1,905 ✭✭✭
Can someone please appoint someone with some power (maybe me) to get rid of all these danged shoe adverts?
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  • TelMolagMoraTelMolagMora Alliance, OhioPosts: 516 ✭✭
    I second this motion.
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  • LukeLuke Resident Spam Cleaner DublinPosts: 7,881 Admin
    Sorry, I normally check in daily and catch as many of them as I can. Been busy this week....going on a purge. Banned almost 70 accounts and deleted all their spam. Now that's therapeutic!

    You can help by marking this kind of thing as spam and once enough people do that I think it gets hidden from general users and added to the spam. Even better is just leaving a comment @ mentioning a mod (so @Luke ) or sending us a message with the link to the spam in question (if you don't want to bump the thread). We have a lot of sub-forums, so directly bringing our attention to it means we'll likely resolve it faster
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