Cuteness Overlord Progress Report (animal cruelty trigger warning)



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    Nothing really happened in the last ten days, but yesterday one of the beta-readers sent me his notes for the first half of the novel. They're good notes.

    He suggested I mention the hydra earlier in the novel, which I did. However, I kept with the imp theme. The sentence there during the first five thousand words mentions Carl's mind being an imp, and his spirit animal being the hydra. Thus, when we truly meet the hydra, the reader is meant to feel where it's all coming from.

    He pointed out some spelling inconsistencies with the town names, which I'm fixing.

    He suggested a few spots where things weren't explained enough or explained too much, which I'm fixing as well.

    Some dialogue felt "for the reader" and I'm also working on that based on his recommendation.

    Just good notes through and through. I disagreed with him in two spots, but that's the kind of thing that happens during a writing process and it doesn't mean that someone is necessarily wrong. I think I'll keep these two as is for now since I'm still waiting on the last three betas.
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    There doesn't seem to be much going on in this group. Or maybe I'm missing something. I used to be in here a few years ago but couldn't find my account so I made a new one today. Your book sounds funny and fun. Good job finishing it! As for the American English/British English issue you raised ages ago, I'd probably base the narrative English on the main characters. If your main characters are British then tell the whole story in a British way.
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    Makes sense, Seburr. Thank you. And about the group? yeah, you're right. Luckily, it doesn't actually ruin much for me, since I'm basically just documenting my work.
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    Whew. I now have a goodreads page for the book:

    You can preview the first two chapters there, but the book is still getting changed, so I don't know how well that will align with the final version.

    One review already, although it's from a friend. Those don't count. I'm also working on getting an author spotlight on Scriggler's service, since I have an account and got an award once.
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    Emails, emails, emails. I'm going through the list of indie book reviewers and sending badly thought-out emails to them.
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    Hopefully going to finish some beta reading for a fellow author today. His work is pretty good. Just some polish left.
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    Got full feedback from reader number two. He thinks the hair metaphors are too unrealistic, wants less gore, and also hopes to see a more fleshed out final chapter. Oh, he also thinks Vanessa and Paul should have more character. I can do three of these (the kitten gore is important because of how I set up the third person narration. Carl's hate of baby animals has to be palpable.)
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    So... exams are in ten days. I'm stopping even the smallest work for this period, even the smaller stuff. There really ain't much left, though.

    In the meantime, my short story 'Homes and Humans' was accepted by Storyteller magazine for publication. I still need to sign a contract and have worked with some editors to make it up to snuff. It was weird, working with editors, but I kind of get why they make books better now. Also, I think a great beta-reader can be close to an okay editor, so if you can't afford a good editor, stick with three betas.

    Well, that's what I say now.
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    Storyteller's latest issue just came out and it features "Homes and Humans". It was really fun, seeing how a more hardcore editing process worked. Also, yesterday I just finished my exams, and so can continue to edit "Cuteness Overlord".
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    Two more days till launch *Shiver shiver*
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    Three more hours... (just got another review, 4 stars this time)
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    And... it's live. This will probably be my last post in this thread. Thanks if you read this far.
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