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I just launched a blog at where I explain all sorts of paradoxes in a fun, thought-provoking way! Science or philosophy, as long as it's paradoxical, I'm there! I'm open to suggestions on how the website should look and even what sort of thing I should write. Check it out!


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    Niiice I got a paradox for you (maybe not the kind you're looking for but interesting nonetheless)
    -if I told you I had a machine that will continuously exert utterly massive quantities of power, until the dawn of time, without consuming any fuel, you'd rightly call it a violation of the laws of thermodynamics, right?

    But once I tell you that machine is just a planet's gravity suddenly it's a stupid question. But, honestly where the hell is all that energy coming from??? Especially if gravity has a force carrier and everything, despite being the most normal thing, how are these 'fields' not a blatant violation of the laws of thermodynamics?

    The more I think about it gravity is kind of the ultimate insult to the law of entropy, instead of diffusing out and maximizing 'superpositions' it does the exact opposite. I get that it's just spacetime moving, not necessarily 'pulling' anything, but shouldn't it also take energy to manipulate spacetime? And where's it all going? -Is there some kind of spacetime black hole at the center of everything?

    To me gravity is the most vexing paradox on Earth.
    by Queuevius
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