Old vs. New Doctor Who fans

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I think younger fans have a hard time getting into the classic series and vice versa. I think we could find some paralelles between the two to figure out what you would recommend to other fans in order to bridge that gap.

For example we know that David Tennant is the real life son in law and a big fan of Peter Davison's Doctor. He took a lot of insperation from five so I think a new Whovian that enjoys the Tennant era would also enjoy the Davison era and vice versa.

I have a hard time getting into the Classic series. I'm a big fan of Matt Smith's run. He has this amazing ability to be a silly Doctor but also turn the humor on and off like a light switch so he's serious only when he needs to be. I also really like Clara mostly because of how she interacts with the children on the show. The later stuff with Mr. Pink being hinted at being her future husband and then both of them eventually being killed without ever actually getting together was stupid and I hated that but she was one of the kindest companions I've ever seen on the series and that's why I liked her so much.

That being said what Classic era episodes would you recommend for me. Which classic Doctor do you think is most like Smith's? Which classic companion do you think is most like Clara? I have a few ideas based on what I've already seen but maybe you'll surprise me with some suggestions I hadn't thought of. Try to pick a classic era story where the Doctor and his companion are in your opinion the most similar to the qualities I described above.

Also post your own favorite Doctor and companion. Make sure you leave a detailed explinatin why they're your favorites. And hopefully if this thread works the way I want it to someone will leave a suggestion for a different era of Doctor Who that is the most similar to your favorite.
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