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Heya, I'm Mike Aaron, a self-proclaimed week-old cake.

So, I'm a pretty new Nerdfighter. I came here to see where I could help decrease world suck, but sentences and working out are all I know.

There were a few requests for readers but most were old and not that specific. I think supply side would work better here. This is what I propose:

If you are willing to beta-read, copy edit, or develop edit, write a little comment with what you are comfortable doing, how long it would probably take you, and how many projects you're willing to pick up. As potential writers come along, they will see your comment and contact you (hopefully through private messages) and then you can comment again, saying how many slots you have left. When you finish a thing, please comment once more so we can know how awesome you are.

If you don't know what the difference between beta-reading and the editings are, here is a link to explain things:

Beta-reading is much more free form. The biggest use is...say... having a person do it who knows about accents or plumbing who will let you know where you did a sadbad. They'll also point out anything that stands out in your writing.

Lastly, if you are a myth, a legend, an artist, there will be a ton of writers vying for your attention, so we really wouldn't mind if you volunteer a suitable drawing for use as a cover/marketing thing, or heck, even volunteer to make a cover for a story you liked. That is outside my expertise, so I say negotiate in private if you want to be paid for art.

Do Not Ask To Be Paid For Beta-reading/Editing. There are places for professionals. I'd like this place to be a spot anyone can use, even if they can barely afford internet.

Thank you, and I hope we can all write awesome things.


  • MikeAaronohnoMikeAaronohno Posts: 59
    So, it's only appropriate that I start:

    My name is Mike Aaron. I'd like to do some sweet sweet beta-reading for three projects, anywhere between 10 and 100,000 words long-please don't send me ten words. I can probably do one in a week, and this is basically how it will work.

    Send me a private message telling me what you'd like me to work on. We can discuss what you want me to focus on, although I will probably only do a good job on action sequences, humor, character depth, and figuring out where your dialogue is basically made up for our sakes rather than for the characters. Oh, I also work in real time, which means if you did something apparently weird and then added a brilliant twist, you'll be able to see where my thought process took me.

    Then, I would like a word document, which I will then work on using the Microsoft word "Review" tab. This lets me highlight bits in red, write comments on the margins, and write comments after each chapter. When I'm done, I'll summarize my thoughts on the work. That's the file I'll send back to you.

    I hope I get people who want me to read their stuff, and get to work on some awesome pieces.
  • MikeAaronohnoMikeAaronohno Posts: 59
    I would like to repeat my offer for anyone who wrote a thing and would like a beta-reader to read things through and offer thoughts. I know you're there. Put things in front of my eyes, it's okay.
  • KatrooKatroo Posts: 1
    Hey I'm Katie.
    I'm new but I wouldn't mind offering up my services here.

    I've done a little Beta reading for friends, working on their scripts. I'm good with dialogue, I can make things sound more natural, as well as plot and structure and character development. 10 to 100,000 words sounds pretty reasonable but if it more you can still message me and I'll see how busy I am.

    I'm not sure how I'd make reviews after switching to a Mac (used to use review mode in word) but we can work it out.

    Message me if you have any questions, I'm pretty much a fan of all genres of fiction, I read a lot so anything you've got throw it my way.

    I would like to read some good stuff and give some advice that can make you grow as a writer, as well as make some friends.
  • MikeAaronohnoMikeAaronohno Posts: 59
    Heya Kat, I'm all over that private message.
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