Fun vloggers with less than 20,000 subs?

I know of and follow:
Ben and Becky -
Randy and anna -

but I want more vloggers that are real not the fake upbeat ones. Any recommendations? Put the links below!

I just want to find something to watch! Netflix and chill.


  • marques_salgadomarques_salgado HollywoodPosts: 4
    This is me and I think I am alright? I humbly say that. I know I can be better, but anyways I am a professional dancer in LA and Ilive with many other dancers and am a firmer. Hope you enjoy my recent vlog from today?
  • erin212erin212 Posts: 3 Newbie
    I really like Rebecca Brown. Her's is the second YouTube channel I subscribed to (after the vlogbrothers). She's an artist and mental health activist, and makes really fun videos. She just finished vidmas, so there's a ton of new stuff on her channel to check out.
  • VlogHelperVlogHelper Posts: 5 Newbie
    Everything's about your channel is good! You have to keep posting everyday stay consistent ❤️
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