Young Justice

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Hey everybody!

I wanted to see if there are fans out there of the Young Justice series, a DC animated superhero show that aired on Cartoon Network. I don't know if you already know, but the show is being brought back for a third season!! I don't know where it's gonna air, though.

I am really excited for this since I think the show was canceled too early!

I wanna know what your favorite parts of the show are and what you think should happen in the upcoming third season.


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    Young Justice to me is what the Teen Titans should have been. And instead of giving us a season 3 they went to Teen Titans Go! which was even more silly and goofy than the original Teen Titans.

    I wouldn't get your hopes up for a season 3 considering Cartoon Network has been saying they were going to bring it back pretty much ever since they cancelled the series in the first place. Every year around this time I see rumors saying Young Justice is coming back for season 3 but it never actually happens.

    At this point, they've cried wolf so many times, until I actually see the episodes air I'm not going to believe they exist. I really want the series to continue cause it was a great series but I'm not getting my hopes up every time I see a news article like this. As long as I don't get my hopes up then there's no disappointment when it turns out to be a lie.
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