How to create a local Nerdfigheria Group


I was wondering how one should go about creating a nerdfighteria group in their area? I am interested in starting one at my university but didn't know if there was a certain way I had to go about it. Is there a starter kit, do I have to get permission from someone? Are there certain things the group has to do, besides be awesome?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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    If you want it recognized by your university as a club, you will have to speak to your campus life office. They will also require you to have an advisor for the club which is usually a member of the professional staff (think councilor or coordinator of a program that you know of) or a member of the faculty (full time or adjunct). You'll probably be required to do a community service project of some kind which works out great for Nerdfighteria since we do help in the fight against world suck.

    Other than that, ask around to other Nerdfighters you may know in your school. PS. I only know this stuff because I was friends with the campus life director back in college.
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    Yell into the ether and see if you get a reply :)

    The way I found my local group was checking the NF Facebook group. Go to the top level and work yourself down to the next level above yours. That would be State level and ask about NF in X and if they want to meet up.
    Once you get people to meet take it from there, there are no hard and fast rules really.
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    Facebook Group
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    Do you want an official club or just an informal social media group
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