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For a undergraduate university writing project, I am writing an ethnography on Nerdfighteria. An ethnography is a scientific description of a culture and my class was told to pick a internet community to research. I am a fan of Hank and John's work and would like to know how others view their videos. I have a few questions but would like even more information about your experiences with Nerdfighteria and other web based communities.Here are a few questions to start the conversation:
How did Nerdfighteria become so popular with such a diverse crowd?
Why did you join Nerdfighteria?
How did a conversation between two brothers expand into such a large community?
What is the most important shared trait of all Nerdfighters?
Any responses would be greatly appreciated! DFTBA


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    1. I think Hank said in one of his semi-recent videos that part of their success is simply thanks to the fact that they started youtubing in a time when there weren't that many youtubers really, so they didn't have much competition and if you wanted to watch vlogs, they were among the few that existed. Things that help with popularity is that they are quite relatable; just two siblings talking about normal stuff and reacting to world events, being nerdy, and they also talk about decreasing worldsuck in a way that makes us feel like participants even when we maybe aren't, and everyone likes to feel like a good guy, so we like that. Since they talk a bit about things like living with physical and mental illnesses, there are also a lot of people who can relate to that and they make invisible things more visible, making those things slightly easier (or at least less lonely) to live with. They talk about politics in a non-polarising way, which attracts a bunch of people while not driving away too many, and John being an author draws a bunch of different readers here too. We're not very diverse when it comes to politics, though.
    2. Umm... My husband started watching their videos and I watched some of them with him and liked them, so I continued watching them. It took a few years until I ended up joining the forums, I honestly don't remember why I did, but I liked it here so I've stayed. I'm a generally nerdy person who likes world awesome and dislike worldsuck, so I felt that I belonged here.
    3. partly what I wrote in 1, that they were among the early youtubers so there wasn't much to watch back then, so they got many watchers in their early years. Had they started today, they would probably not have gotten nearly as much success. And I don't think it would have expanded nearly as much if their videos hadn't improved over the years. They were pretty terrible in the beginning, but nowadays they're more well-thought-out. Also, they're funny at times, and certain individual videos have reached many more than the usual crowd, like the giraffe sex video or one of Hank's Harry potter songs (I think it was Accio Deathly Hallows), and some of those new people thought it worth to see if any of their other videos were anything of interest.
    4. Oh. That one is still argued about among nerdfighters... What defines us as nerdfighters? I'd say that it's the three factors of a) some kind of nerdiness or other kind of enthusiasm over certain things in this world, b) wanting worldsuck to go away and c) wanting to increase world awesome. Some people call themselves nerdfighters based only on a), which I think is missing the point a bit. The word to describe a) did already exist before vlogbrothers showed up, since it's simply "nerd". To be a nerdfighter, you need to be more than just a nerd, you need to be a nerd who wants the world to be a better place for people. But, that's just my own interpretation of the meaning of "nerdfighter", other may disagree.

    p.s. you have missed a 'g' and a 'h' in nerdfighteria... not something I'd usually comment on, but if you're doing a school writing project, I think it'd matter.
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    Dear fellow Nerdfighters,
    My name is Mackenzie, I have some questions about Nerdfighteria and Vlogbrothers for Nerdfighters. This is for a school project, so I will be displaying some, most or all (depending on how many replies) answers online publicly at: “”. This project is due in about 11 hours, so please help me if you can. ☺
    1. How did you discover Vlogbrothers?
    2. How long have you been a nerdfighter?
    3. What do you think people who are new to Nerdfighteria should know?
    4. How do you try to decrease “world suck”?
    5. For those who don’t know what Vlogbrothers is, how would you describe it?
    6. What John Green book do you think people should start off with, and why?
    7. Why are you a Nerdfighter?
    8. How did you decide this was a community you wanted to be a part of?
    9. Why do you think people should want to join this community?
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