Collection of Vlogbrothers Videos that Reflect on Community

Hey all,

The title sums up what I'm looking for, I think.

I'm really interested in the way John and Hank have built and fostered online community over the years. I'm also interested in their-- what I guess you might call "philosophy"-- of community in the age of the internet.

I know that over the years I have watched multiple videos in which John or Hank talk about or reflect on their understanding of communities and the ways they (and others) have tried to structure nerdfighteria. Hank's recent video, "The Most Interesting Thing I've Ever Done" (), in which he reflects on these themes, got me thinking about this in a more focused way.

Has anyone previously compiled a list or playlist of the vlogbrothers videos that discuss the topic of community (especially, but not exclusively, community on the internet)? Does anyone know? If such a resource exists, could someone share a link?

If it does not exist, would anyone be interested in helping me to compile a list or youtube playlist or some form of compilation? There are so many videos that I don't think I could do this alone, but would really like to see a resource like this exist. John and Hank have gained a lot of experience in community formation over the years, and I think putting all of their recorded reflections on this in one place could be very helpful-- not just in nerdfighteria, but also to others outside the community.

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    I came here looking for this too! I told my co-worker how I was at Nerdcon: Nerdfighteria this past weekend and they asked me about it. It was a bit hard to explain to a slightly older person who in particular is not as familiar with this side of YouTube. It was also funny to explain how a social experiment from 2007 involving two brothers sharing video blogs with each other has become a massive company with many avenues and a large, respectful community and fanbase. Even having lived through it it sounds bonkers.

    So I tried to curate a few videos of theirs to share with them. I stuck to mostly newer stuff and the less in-joke old stuff. I wanted my co-worker to get a sense of the depth and pondering that we tend to do. Lure them in with the deep stuff then show them the stranger things.

    -Doing Bad Things to Make Good Things Happen:
    -Thoughts from the Edge:
    -Poetry Makes Nothing Happen: Thoughts on Ai Weiwei from the Indianapolis Museum of Art:

    Some more serious ones:
    -Understanding Trump's Executive Order on Immigration:

    And showed them the Complexly site so they could see all of the different shows created:
    And an example of that:
    -Crash Course: Mythology #1:

    Not sure if this is what you were seeking, but this is what I came up with. : )
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