Ethnography of Nerdfiteria

For a undergraduate university writing project, I am writing an ethnography on Nerdfiteria. An ethnography is a scientific description of a culture and my class was told to pick a internet community to research. I am a fan of Hank and John's work and would like to know how others view their videos. I have a few questions but would like even more information about your experiences with Nerdfiteria and other web based communities.Here are a few questions to start the conversation:
How did Nerdfiteria become so popular with such a diverse crowd?
Why did you join Nerdfiteria?
How did a conversation between two brothers expand into such a large community?
What is the most important shared trait of all Nerdfighters?
Any responses would be greatly appreciated! DFTBA


  • hannah_berghannah_berg Posts: 2
    Ethnographic research is cool! I hope yours goes well. You should consider, however, moving this post (or cross-posting) to the General form. I think you might find that it is better suited to your topic, and you might get more replies. Best of luck!
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