Promoting myself?

MrJanusuMrJanusu PennsylvaniaPosts: 1
I have been a fan of Hank and John for years now, I absolutely ADORE sci-show, crash course and Vlogbrothers. Hank and John are two major influences in my life that have inspired me to take to the internet and start my own YouTube channel. I am mainly focused on gaming videos, but I also intend to vlog and do comedy bits and what-not... but I don't want to just start posting blatant self-promotion all over the forum before checking if it was okay. I absolutely adore this community and I would love to share the things I've created and will be creating in the future within this group, but I don't want to offend anyone or come off like I'm just here to shill my own content on everyone. Is there a forum thread or area on the forums where I could specifically talk about my content?


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