Law School Nerdfighters!

Hey, I'm starting law school next fall! I don't know where yet - I'm still waiting on my acceptances (of which I hope there are many) and my rejections (of which I hope there are none). I thought it would be nice to meet others who are already in law school, are in the process of applying - like me, or who are studying for the LSAT, shopping for law schools, etc. 

We all know how stressful the process is and we can help each other out! For example, I need a virtual hand-holding session during the next couple of weeks while my future is being decided by admissions committees. 

So where are you in the process or what law school do you attend?
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  • KayteiKaytei Posts: 65 ✭✭
    There are no other law school nerdfighters? No others to have virtual hand-holding sessions with me?  :(
    I'm just going to go over here and revise my personal statement by myself.
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  • @Kaytei - I plan on going to law school...does that count?
    I'm a senior in college right now, and decided fairly recently that I wanted to take a year or two off before going to law school. Just wanted to see if I could make it in the real world and stuff before spending more time in school.
    But I totally get where you're coming from. I have law school freak outs all the time, especially now that I'm working on my thesis, which is con law based and tons of fun (and by fun I mean a stressful panic inducing disaster)...
  • VictorOrdoVictorOrdo Posts: 57 ✭✭
    What is the percentage of law sudents who are also alcoholics? My dad would always make jests about how being a professional lawyer pretty much implied alcoholism. 
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  • blewupthesunblewupthesun Posts: 17
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    Well, I'm not what immediately springs to mind when you think "law school student", because I'm in the UK, and law is an undergrad degree here. But I am studying law, and I'll gladly hold your hand because BOY OH BOY it is horrible.

    Sorry, just needed to tell you that upfront. Even past the particularities of the American law school system (cold calling? gross.), the law itself is going to be so, so frustrating to read and remember and come to terms with, when all you're thinking is that judges only seem capable of talking in circles around each other. Thankfully, I'm on my way out of it. Last year, baby! *dances*

    So yeah, good luck. You have my hugs and support when the time comes. 

    EDIT: I FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! @Kaytei, good luck with your applications! I hope you get picked by all the schools, but if not, that you get picked by the ones you like and fit the most. :) 

    - Alex

  • KayteiKaytei Posts: 65 ✭✭
    @emilyanne627 I went the same route. I took a year off between undergraduate and law school. It gave me time to really focus on my LSAT and applications without having to worry about school work as well. I can say that during my one year of the real world, I have decided that I will just stay a career student. 

    @victorordo If my alcohol intake during the process so far is any indication, I'm well on my way to alcoholic territory. 

    @blewupthesun I am so jealous of you because my end goal is to practice or teach law in the UK! It's a bit harder for me to do that as an American learning American law, but that is what I am working toward!
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  • Patterson48Patterson48 Posts: 1
    I am currently preparing for my LSATs and I have started with the reading comprehension. The studies are going fairly well. Although friends keep stressing me about how hard the LSAT Logic games are going to be. I’m sure I’ll be fine. I’ll be appearing in the exams next year.
  • LibertyNerd25LibertyNerd25 The Good Ol' United States of AmericaPosts: 359 ✭✭✭
    Studying for the LSAT right now! The questions dealing with arguments are a breeze so far -- but what worries me are the mind puzzles :(
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