Vidcon Europe

MineolaMineola The NetherlandsPosts: 1
Hey guys,
Is anyone going to vidcon europe this year?


  • I just bought my ticket, booked flights and a hostel. I don't know anyone else who is going so I am hoping to meet some people before I go. I see you are from the Netherlands, I am from the US, but lived in the Netherlands for a year and am now living in the UK.
  • LiekeLieke Posts: 1
    Hey guys, I'm thinking about going to vidcon for the first time this year, as I live close to Amsterdam. Unfortunately none of my friends are interested in going. Are there any nerdfighter meetups or something so I can meet people and make friends? :smile:
  • KetieSanerKetieSaner Posts: 2
    I'm going to VidCon Europe. It's going to be my first VidCon since I live in Berlin, Germany. I am still looking for roommates from Friday - Monday. And I find the hostel situation in general kind of confusing? So if anyone has any tips on where to stay that would be very welcome!
  • martyopzermartyopzer Posts: 3
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