Super Heroes vs. Aliens Crossover event

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This seemed like a really cool idea when they were advertising it but I'm seeing all sorts of problems with this.

Supergirl: I don't normally watch this show because it's not even in the same universe. I've only seen two episodes, the first time when the Flash guest starred and now this. The thing is though Supergirl, the series not the character, isn't really part of the crossover. Barry and Cisco show up at the end of the episode for two minutes and then that very same scene is repeated in the Flash so you don't even need to see that episode. I felt like I was liked to when it came to Supergirl sitting through an entire episode of a series I don't normally watch for no reason.

Another issue I have with this is that Supergirl basically went from saving the lives of aliens on her own show to fighting them in the rest of the crossover... and they're just totally ignoring the inconsistency here. It's not that big a deal I mean the other aliens are peaceful and the Dominators are evil but it still seems a little weird to pull a total 180 from saving to fighting aliens like that.

I think this episode could of been greatly improved if Barry and Cisco showed up at the beginning of the episode, helped Supergirl with her problem on that Earth. Maybe they try to get both Supergirl and Martian Manhunter to come back with them but he wants to stay behind because he didn't just help save alien lives to go fight an alien invasion in another universe and Supergirl decides to go because the Dominators tried to attack Krypton in the past and she knows it's not the same thing.

At this point before I continue I'm going to issue a spoiler warning. I'm not giving a spoiler warning before this point because I think people need to know there's no point in watching Supergirl unless you normally watch it anyway. If you don't then you're not missing anything if you don't watch this episode. But for the rest of this post I'm going to be discussing possible spoilers if you haven't seen any of the episodes that have already aired. Stop reading this if you haven't seen the Flash or Arrow yet.

The Flash: When they talk about how Barry changed the time line Supergirl says something about Barry changing her life as well and no one bothers to correct her. It was previously established that each Earth has it's own time line so Barry couldn't of changed anything in her life cause she's not from their Earth. Why does no one explain this to Supergirl? They're just going to let her think that Barry changed history for her as well?

Arrow: Previously on Legends of Tomorrow Ray made a big deal about the Atom suit being destroyed. He just built a new suit which he used for the first and only time on The Flash and then it gets left behind on an alien space ship. As they're rescued and board the Wave Rider it's said that Gideon could just reconstruct all of their suits and gear... so why was it such a big deal that the first Atom suit got destroyed if this whole time Gideon could of just made another one? I was expecting them to try to find their stuff before escaping the alien ship so they didn't leave the Atom tech with the Dominators. The rest of the stuff is easily replaced but considering what a big deal he made about it before it seems odd that suddenly getting his suit back from the villains isn't a priority.

Also in the virtual reality world, I understand maybe they couldn't get the actor to come back to the show but they could of at least mentioned him being Oliver's best man or something. With all the dead people suddenly alive and well again in this virtual reality how was Tommy Merlyn not among them? He wasn't even mentioned. His father was there but we don't even get a reference to Oliver's best friend who died in the first season? I'm wandering if they even asked his actor to come back or if the show's producers completely forgot that character existed.

Actually I just looked it up to find out the actor's name and according to IMDB he did return for this episode... Was his scene cut for time? I don't remember seeing him. Anyway, it's Colin Donnell. I'm going to rewatch the entire crossover at some point... except for the Supergirl episode because that was really unnecessary the first time. I'm not sure when I'll do this but I plan to at some point marathon the Invasion Crossover. Maybe I'll spot him on the second viewing.

There's also a part where Wild Dog blames Supergirl for causing the alien invasion saying "You show up and aliens invade Earth" except she was only brought in because aliens were invading Earth. He makes it sound like she was there first but that's not true and again they never try to correct him. He also blames the Flash for Meta Humans showing up but that one is actually kinda true. He was in a coma for 6 months and in that time no Meta Humans. The particle accelerator actually created them but it is kind of weird that they all seemingly didn't do anything for 6 months until after the Flash showed up.

Legends of Tomorrow: Is it odd that this is the first time I noticed the ware house they've been using as a base for all of this on the outside is clearly the Hall of Justice?

I also noticed at the end Ray Palmer says that Kara looks like his cousin. I actually didn't even realize this till a couple weeks ago but Brandon Routh, the actor who plays Ray Palmer, back in 2006 also played the lead role in Superman Returns. They inserted this line as a behind the scenes reference to the fact that he use to be Superman before he was the Atom.

Anyway... I didn't really have any issues with this one. This was the best episode in the entire crossover.

The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow are all nicely integrated into this crossover. Plot points from one show carry over into the next. The casts from all three shows are there for all three shows. I also kind of line how each episode fits in the tone of the series that we're in. Like in the Flash episode there's a lot more humor which is typical of that series as a whole. The Flash isn't as dark as Arrow. Then when we go into the Arrow episode the tone shifts to that darker more dramatic tone of that series. Plus the whole virtual reality world is dominated by Arrow cast members and events specific to that series. So even though there's all these other elements thrown in it still feels like an Arrow episode. And then of course in Legends of Tomorrow we get some time travel and we actually get to see more of the Wave Rider. It was there in Flash and Arrow but we really didn't get to see much of it. Of course it wouldn't be LoT without some time travel. They couldn't just stay in 2016 the whole time.

Supergirl is the only one causing problems. Not the character Supergirl, she's fine but the show is just not being incorporated into this crossover very well. It's like they originally planned this to only include the shows that take place in the same universe but the network forced them to shoehorn Supergirl in there as well. I'm almost surprised they haven't tried to cram Gotham in there some how. That's really the only live action series currently running that hasn't done a crossover. I don't think it's Earth 1. It might be part of the Supergirl universe but taking place in the past. The only way I could see that crossover working is if the Flash and Vibe try to send her home and she ends up on the right Earth but the wrong time period.

That's another show I don't normally watch is Gotham but if they found some way to work it into a crossover with the three shows I do watch, I'd probably watch it.

It's hard for me to get into Gotham or Supergirl because I know the characters a lot better than I do Arrow, Flash, or Legends. Plus Gotham and Supergirl right from the very first episode have made major changes to the characters that make it hard to watch. At least with Arrow, Flash, and Legends, yeah they've changed things too, but they actually seem to ease the audience into those changes rather than just tossing them at you all at once. Like I have an easier time with Wally West suddenly being black than Jimmy Olsen suddenly being black. Wally wasn't introduced till I was already into the series but Jimmy was in the first episode.

By the way Jimmy Olsen was never the Guardian. There were two Guardians, the first one was James but not Olsen. As far as we know he doesn't even exist on this Earth but the Guardian was actually Roy Harper's older brother. The second Guardian was a black man named Malcolm Duncan. So they seem to have combined three entirely different characters into this one character. They should of just called him Malcolm Duncan cause he's got more in common with that character than Olsen or Harper.

With Wally, all they did was turn him black, they didn't mix him up with entirely different characters. Plus the change actually kind of works for him. Physically there was no difference between Barry Allen's Flash and Wally West's Flash so if you looked at pictures of them it's nearly impossible to tell who the hell you're looking at. So I'm kind of glad he's not someone with the same body type to Barry Allen.
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