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This is my favourite book series, I love every character in the series, well except the main villians of each book but your not supposed to love them. My favourite character is Scapegrace he's just so incompetent and his interactions with Thrasher are hilarious. My favourite scenes are those Scapegrace and thrasher share with Clarabelle, I would honestly read a book that was just those three talking.

The humour is what makes this my favourite series everyone is hilarious and it just makes what is a great story even better.

So does anyone else read this, if so who are your favourite characters? Did you swear when you read the epilogue of book seven as well? What do you think is going to happen in the next two books?
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  • mariemarie Posts: 21
    I have read the first two, I believe, but I can't find the others in store anywhere - am I correct that they are originally British? I am considering just ordering them and getting it over with.

    I have to agree, the humor in them is pretty brilliant. Even as an adult it keeps me entertained! Aaaand now you have made me want to reread the two books that I do have and ask for the rest for Christmas.
  • random_fanrandom_fan Posts: 173
    Yeah they are british, the author is Irish. That sucks that you can't find any more, as amazing as the first two are the series just keeps getting better.
    "Like cheese in our pockets, these are the Pizza in Our Pants."
  • mariemarie Posts: 21
    I think I found them on amazon at one point, but the others I found through I do have a friend who lives in England, though, who has offered to send me a couple of them so I might take her up on that.
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    Oh my God, I know that this feed hasn't been active in four years, but please!! I love those books so much it's not even funny any more. The humour is just the best and I find myself in so many different characters it's scary.
    Are there any more of SP-fans out there??
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  • IndiaBespokeIndiaBespoke Posts: 31
    Right here! I literally fall asleep listening to the audiobooks every night.
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