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    "That's real cute, man," Mort mumbled. He jabbed the man in the leg with the tip of his cane for good measure. "Nothin' you can say to me my mama hasn't already. And that was before this." He grinned beneath his hood and chuckled at his own comment. He stopped suddenly, and stepped back quickly. He could feel the coolness of his ability seeping out from him like tendrils of fog. He'd gotten too involved in the moment. He looked at the man, anxious to see if he'd caused any permanent damage.
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    "Oh, wow," Sarin said, watching the others fight. Involuntarily she took a step out the front door, watching the others in awe. They seemed so confident - so sure! They'd known just what to do as she'd stood around in shock.
    Sarin glanced self-consciously back at Archie. "I guess, I guess we should go check on the others, make sure no one is hurt," she said, taking another hesitant step away from the building.
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    The robbers in the vehicle tried to get the engine to start, but with the bugs in the engine it was just sputtering. They gave up and tried to run just as police cars rounded the corner. While a number of bugs stayed near the faces of the two, most of them started flying back towards Anatanas.

    The robber on the ground writhed in pain, holding his face, it was hard to tell if Mort's power was really effecting him, or if he was just a wuss, until his hair started to gray, but it stopped as Mort became aware of the effect.

    ((Wait. Zon, I can't believe I didn't ask this before, but is he named Mort because of Discworld?))
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    OOC: That is exactly what I assumed when I first read his name too. :p

         While everyone else seemed to be handling the situation just fine on their own, Archie followed Sarin before he even thought through an answer or excuse. He rationalized that he just didn't want to be the only one left behind in the town hall therapy room. Noticing the van's aborted progress in fleeing, he came up on the side farthest from the burning building and finally did something to help. His poncho rippled as his tentacles shot out from underneath the bright yellow plastic and curled around the ankles of the escaping robbers. Yanking their legs out from under them in an effort to pull them off balance, he raised another tentacle to shield his eyes from the headlights of the police cars that had finally showed up at the scene.
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    (( I have never read Discworld, actually. It's supposed to be a play on "morte" and its derivatives meaning death.))

    "Ah, shlt," Mort whispered seeing the man's hair greying. He edged away more, and glanced nervously at the others. None of them seemed to have noticed. He tugged his hood forward more, protecting his eyes from the lights of the police cars.
    "You have a faint glimmer shining somewhere in the caves of your heart. Maybe you just need a swift breeze to run through you to help spread the fire."
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    Sasha had frozen for perhaps a slightly embarrassing amount of time before she was brought back to reality by flashing sirens. Guns were a particular fear of hers, she didn't know why she hadn't known the robbers would be armed. Stupid, She scolded herself, then as the police arrived she pulled up her hood and turned to face them
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    As the police cars pulled up the officers jumped out and pointed their guns at... pretty much everyone on the bank side of the street. "Everyone freeze!" They shouted. Anatanas made his insects drop to the ground. The robbers also froze, and one of them looked around and tried, "These freaks attacked us!" but the police didn't move.
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    ((*flails hands and mumbles from an occult book to revive the dead thread*))
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    Mort followed directions and froze leaning heavily on his cane. He didn't really think he had any other choice. "Those guys blew up the fvcking bank!" he exclaimed, hearing the robber call out. "We were trying to stop them!"

    ((*lights candle, shrugs*))
    "You have a faint glimmer shining somewhere in the caves of your heart. Maybe you just need a swift breeze to run through you to help spread the fire."
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    One cop stepped forward from the rest, who hadn't moved their guns, and called out, "We'll take your statements at the station. Drop any weapons and put your hands behind your heads. All of you!"
    Anatanas sighed and put his hands up. Why had he bothered to leave today? The bugs on the grounds were starting to twitch and he glared at them, wiling them to be still, although a few of them did sitter off.

    The robbers were not as cooperative, and all but the one near Mort jumped towards their van, nearly in when a gun shot rang out.... no one moved for a moment until suddenly the air from one of the vans tires started making a seeking sound as it was let out.
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    OOC: Since the last time I posted in this thread, I've actually read Mort from the Discworld series. Probably my favorite book so far.

         Archie kept his hands, he used that term extremely loosely, down considering he had over ten of them and raising them all would probably just mean more questions and maybe a little bit of panic. He flinched slightly at the sound of the gunshot, but simply remarked, "Why are the cops the first to show up, when there is a literal building on fire!?"
    "The love of learning, the sequestered nooks, and all the sweet serenity of books."
    -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • name: Helen fireball
    gender: female
    age: 15
    appearance: pretty normal. usually. she has black hair that if you look at it right it looks blue and tan skin with hazel eyes. if you feel her skin, it feels fuzzy and every hour, she turns to a lama. she also has a french ascent and sometimes draws out words. her lama fur is the same color as her hair.

    powers: pretty simple. she can turn to a lama, intentionally or not :/

    bio: shes pretty sure that she got her powers 5 years ago. she woke up one morning and had amnesia. she learned about them from that unintentional part, panicked, showed her parents, and ran away.

    other: she discovered she likes durian . a lot
  • Helen burst in a little late and panicked and looked at the clock and sighed as she turned into a lama
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    OOC: Hey Bubbles. It's cool to see you here. But unforchantly this thread has died :(
    We had some amzing years, but it seems it's run it course.
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