Is anyone else as obsessed with J-Pop and K-Pop as I am?
I've been into J-Pop for nearly fifteen years, thanks to Ayumi Hamasaki, and have only got into K-Pop within the last two years or so.
Favorite bands? Favorite songs?


  • ReeniBobReeniBob Posts: 1
    I adore K-pop! SHINee are my absolute favourite group of all time, above anything ever! I also enjoy J-pop, although it is more that I enjoy random songs than whole selections
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    I used to own two H.O.T. albums... mostly as a joke though. Pretty much the only j-pop related thing I enjoy is the film andromedia but that's because I'm a takashi miike fan. Hamasaki ayumi is not bad though. I prefer j-rock... even the j-rock that almost boarders j-pop (dir en grey, kagerou and MUCC have had their fair share of soft songs).
  • SammySammy Posts: 143 ✭✭
    I'm getting addicted to K-Pop. Could you guys give me some suggestions?
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    @Sammy, have you ever listened to Miss A? How about Orange Caramel or former After School Craze? Brown Eyed Girls are also really good and I love the song Abracadabra. And then there's also GP Basic and Co-Ed School. I just adore all of these!

    Everyone: [For J-Pop, I know a very beautiful song, but I can't remember the name right now. I'll ask my Japanese friend later, because she's a major fan of the band...]

    Also, it's a warm, dark night at Rio de Janeiro. The streets are nearly deserted, but brave (part-time assassin) Samantha is crossing Alto da Boa Vista, calmly following a person she is planning on killing tonight. She believes she knows the town as well as the palm of her hand. But could that be true? Or would that seemingly happy city hold secrets only a few know of? As she goes, the clouds cover the moon and she sees herself immersed in nothing but darkness. It sends chills down her spine. She cannot see her target anymore. In the dark, she sees only a large, shiny grin. She approaches the strange girl that holds it firmly on her face and asks her whether she's seen the person she's been looking for. "I have indeed seen that person alogside some friends", the girl answers, "They were heading up the hill to see the Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer)". Naively, Samantha believes her. She goes right up the Corcovado hill and walks around the Christ, trying to find her target, but there is no one there. She looks down at the city and then back at the Christ. Strangely enough, it appears to have moved. It seems to have opened it's mouth (and pointy teeth can be seen inside). But how could it? Samantha is confused. And in her confusion, she blinks.
    And when she opens her eyes, it's 1916, she can see trenches nearby, and corpses, but not even one human alive. In the air, she smells chlorine and, being a chemist, immediately understands what that means. She tries to run, struggles to hold her breath, but her lungs start to fail too soon. Falling to the floor, she sheds a last tear and dies.
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    Oh! I'm kind of a fan of a K-Pop band called FT Island mainly because one of the singers is from a K-Drama that I really like. (:

    @Debora, as you leave the Cristo Redentor you see something shining in the distance. For some reason, you just can't look away and before you realize it a ghost is before you. You can do nothing as you see yourself walking and toppling over the ledge into the valley below.

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  • Wow, that's one classy assassination.
    But when it comes to K-Pop, I always lovingly recommend 2NE1 and Girls Generation (SNSD). There's also TVXQ, Big Bang, 4minute (and Hyun-a's solo singles), T-ara, Super Junior, and f(x).
  • itsamsitsams Posts: 9
    I promise I'll try to not gush over this topic too much. The first kpop group I ever got into was Super Junior, so they have a special place in my heart. SHINee is also one of my favorites, and I really like them because unlike a lot of other kpop groups, each of their voices are so unique. But of course, it's obligatory to listen to Big Bang/2NE1, they're too amazing.

    I enjoy watching EXO on variety show programs, both in China and Korea, but their music is okay, I hope they do more in the future. As for soloists, IU is the cutest thing in my opinion and I am already in love with Ailee. 

    But Lee Hongki from FT Island will always be my number 1 kpop singer. Listen to him, his voice is gorgeous.

  • celesicelesi Posts: 71 ✭✭
    I am a huge K-Pop fan. I lean mostly towards YG bands, (Big Bang, 2NE1, Epik High, Lee Hi) but I like most of it.

    And for suggestions, I recommend you check out Eat Your Kimchi's kpop charts, and Music Monday videos. They recently got the funds to rent their own studio and are now interviewing bands and giving away signed goodies.  Also, it's a good way to see the newest videos, and see what's popular. http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/

    Like Suibhne, I'm also into J-rock like D, Antic Cafe, SuG and Vistlip.
  • MichaelaMichaela Posts: 6
    I just recently started listening to k-pop, I love f(x) and girl's day. I haven't really listened to much j-pop but I love the one from the wreck it ralph soundtrack "sugar rush" by AKB48 xD any suggestions?
  • LossyLossy Posts: 7
    I adore FT Island with all my heart. Other Kpop groups I like are B1A4, LED Apple, NU'EST, B2ST, and CN Blue~
  • snowycaitsnowycait Posts: 1
    K-Pop! I'm more SM biased when it comes to groups that I really love (SHINee, EXO, TVXQ, Super Junior, etc), but I still like other groups, too. Infinite, Big Bang, B1A4- the list goes on. Eatyourkimchi is a great youtube channel to check out if you want to get more into the genre, and just exploring on youtube and the K-Pop Billboards chart helps too.

    Not very familiar with J-Pop/Rock though I'm open to becoming familiar with it. c:
  • ZirstaZirsta Posts: 15
    I am absolutely in love with k-pop! My absolute favorite band is 2ne1, but Big Bang is amazing too. Brown Eyed Girls are amazing, and I think Ailee is one of the best live performers I've seen. The Wonder Girls are pretty good too, especially the Be My Baby music video which I think is unbearably classy.

    I like some SM songs, but as a whole I'm no so in love with them. The groups, like SNSD and Super Junior and SHNee etc are talented, definitely, but I feel like their work falls flat pretty often. Like, Gee is sensational, but I really couldn't care less about Paparazzi or Twinkle. And the new Super Junior music videos are just bad. Also, I feel like SM often misses the mark with their use of English. "Sexy, free, and single I'm ready to bingo?" Really?
  • celesicelesi Posts: 71 ✭✭
    So what is everyone listening to? I just found TVXQ's new video humanoids. I'm also eagerly awaiting MUCC's new album.

    @snowycait, a good gateway to J-Pop is to listen to the Japanese versions of your favorite k-pop songs! Another way is to search for Oricon on youtube. There are several Youtubers who put out weekly or monthly top 10 lists which shows you clips of the most popular music videos. There is J-Pop, J-Rock, Enka, and a few other varieties I don't know.  For J-rock, my first suggestion is J-Rock UK Updater. They post some of their updates on Tumblr: http://edohsama.tumblr.com/

    If you get J-rock or J-Pop updates anywhere else, please tell me! I'm always looking for more Japanese music.
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    Anyone watch the MAMA Awards?
  • randomradiationrandomradiation SingaporePosts: 392 ✭✭✭
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    I like Gangnam Style and other songs by PSY, 'cause he is awesome. 'Nuff said.
    I also like G-Dragon, because he has cool hair and he's really cool. I like "Fantastic Baby" by Big Bang.

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  • celesicelesi Posts: 71 ✭✭
    olive said:
    Anyone watch the MAMA Awards?
    YES. I loved how they re-imagined some of the songs. Like using Lee Hi in Epik High's Hate Me performance.
  • jejugirljejugirl Posts: 3
    I listen to k-pop. My favorite idol group is probably Big Bang but I'm mostly into K-Indie now. 10cm, Vodka Rain, Hot Potato, etc. are some of my favorite indie bands :D
  • celesicelesi Posts: 71 ✭✭
    jejugirl said:
    I listen to k-pop. My favorite idol group is probably Big Bang but I'm mostly into K-Indie now. 10cm, Vodka Rain, Hot Potato, etc. are some of my favorite indie bands :D
    K-Indie? Do tell! I'm very interested in finding out more about them. Is Crying Nut considered Indie, kpop, or some third category?
  • digitalsleepdigitalsleep USAPosts: 73 ✭✭
    Absolutely. My favorite Jpop group is Supercell - I even own their album "Today is a Beautiful Day," despite the outrageous prices for Japanese cds. I'm also really into the group Urbangarde, but they're a hard group to get other people into 'cuz when you start understanding the lyrics....they can be disturbing at points. I'm also big on Morning Musume - I have no idea why.

    Other Jpop artists I like: Aya Hirano, Sayonara Ponytail, [email protected] and many many more.

    I'm also a fan of Vocaloid stuff when done right.

    I'm less into Kpop than Jpop, but that's simply because I've spent less time exploring. My favorite is T-ara - though their new stuff isn't remotely fun or interesting to me. I'm also quite fond of aPink, SNSD, Rainbow and more.

    Also, here's some Chinese Pop to leave you on: Sen
  • eda1102eda1102 Posts: 172 ✭✭✭
    Imma revive this thread a lil okay?

    I got into kpop just last year, but I fell hard. And I can't get up. (literally 98% of my tumblring is kpop these past few months)

    Altogether I really "stan" only about five bands so far, but I'm fan of much more. Musically my favourites are Lee Hi and 15& probably, really nice strong vocals there uwu. Oh also another YG rookie, Akdong Musician

    Among hip hop I love bangtan boys, block b, epik high, Jay Park, geeks, dynamic duo, and this year's rookie group got7 (I think they count under hip hop) and probably much more.

    And from the ..."general" (?) kpop I adore exo, 2ne1, teen top, SHINee, Orange Caramel, GD.. .. . . .  e t c

    Honestly, kpop is so full of variety, it's impossible to just idk--pick favourite, or favourite genre.
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  • one of hard day for kpop world , rip jonghyun. be strong shawols and whoever struggle with mental health , just hang on and stay please *virtual hugs*
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    Are there any fans of Big Bang like me? Kpop only likes Big Bang
  • Aiko19Aiko19 Posts: 8 Newbie
    Sammy said:

    I'm getting addicted to K-Pop. Could you guys give me some suggestions?

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