Is anyone up for a mafia forum game

HaydHayd Posts: 6
I've played this on other forum sites and it was awesome. If you don't know what mafia is, it is a game that you play at parties or camping events or stuff like that. It works awesome in forums though too. Essentially it is a game of an informed minority and an uninformed majority.

All of the players playing live in a village. Within these villagers, a few are mafia members. The mafia members know that they are mafia members and who their fellow mafia members are. The townsmembers who are not mafia know that they are not mafia but do not know if anyone else is mafia or innocent. During the dayphase the townmembers discuss and try to figure out who the mafia members are among them by analyzing personalities, reactions, etc. The townsmembers can vote to lynch who they think is a mafia member during the dayphase, and if the majority decides to lynch someone then the dayphase ends. After the dayphase ends (or based on what the moderator of the game specifies as the time limit) the town goes to sleep and the mafia members wake up to nightkill one of the innocent townsmembers. It then goes to dayphase. It progresses until all of the mafia are killed resulting in a towny win, or if the amount of mafia members is equal to townsmembers resulting in a mafia win.

I guess comment or reply or whatever if you're interested. I'm new so I don't know how active people are
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