Foreign YouTubers?! Polscy? Français?

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Hey guys!
As amazing as Hank and John and tons of other YouTubers are, I'd love to diversify a little bit too! So, 3 parts from me to this discussion...

1. POLSKI: I was born in Poland, but spent half my life living in the UK, I don't really know many good Polish Youtubers. I have watched Włodek Markowicz ( but unfortunately he doesn't have many videos (although some of them have English subtitles too!). Maybe any of you know or even have your own YouTube channels?
Byłoby super, jeśli ktoś mógłby mi coś polecic! :)

2. FRANCAIS: I am in the process of learning French, and I know of Norman ( (although he is a bit fast for me!) but not really anyone else. Si vous avez quelques propositions, il allerait fantastique!!! (Je suis trés désolé pour mon terrible français :( )

3. OTHER LANGUAGES: I only know the 3 languages above, but I'm sure others would also appreciate any awesome YouTube channels, so share all the non-English speaking YouTube channels that you know! :)

PS: If there is a similar post somewhere, do let me know, I couldn't find anything about Polish YouTubers though ._.


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