What (big or little) things are you doing to reduce worldsuck?

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    My current goals/plan to decrease world suck...
    Housing Inequity + Sustainable Infrastructure:
    1. Reduce my personal and household carbon footprint. (Bike to work + most places, Build a super-insulated small house on a trailer, build a food garden big enough to meet my family's needs, composting, purchasing goods locally + regionally as habit)
    2. Purchase and rehabilitate abused land (remove garbage, build soil, create variety of habitats (hedgerows) to replace disturbed land/lawn)
    3. Use/remodel dwellings/buildings to comfortably house multiple families (regardless of zoning)
    4. Develop shared community facilities and features of previously abused land
    5. Collect data and evidence of efficacy of sustainable infrastructure projects which are currently deemed illegal in many municipalities (constructed greywater wetlands, humanure compost, cisterns, root cellars, etc.)
    6. Donate rehabilitated land to Cascadia Community Land Trust + the dwellings and facilities to a limited equity housing cooperative
    7. Share and promote any successfully completed infrastructure projects

    Educational + Economic Inequality:
    1. Support local cooperatively organized companies over corporations; worker or consumer-owned and democratically-controlled preferred
    2. Start a worker cooperative construction company to fulfill the construction needs of the LE housing cooperative(s) and Cascadia Community Land Trust;
    3. Support the development of other types of worker cooperatives, especially groups which have traditionally been marginalized or exploited: caretakers, miners, construction, and agricultural workers, etc.
    4. Develop an educational cooperative system which can offer high quality, mastery-based education of all levels to anyone for as low-cost as possible; Pair with jobs connections programs until officially recognized as accredited educational program (this might take a while if political climate is not conducive)
    5. Provide teaching/mentoring services to anyone who is curious/willing to put in the cognitive work
    6. Help homeschooling parents understand and teach the science process skills

    1. Pay attention to what is really going on versus what mainstream media is readily sharing (All of the anti-DAPL activism is a great example of how the effectiveness of direct actions are suppressed by limiting access to mainstream media; Search for/support alternative media groups which demonstrate economic independence and exemplify unbiased reporting efforts.
    2. Pay attention to how power is flowing; Analyze under what circumstances an egalitarian distribution of power might be introduced/become dominant.
    3. Pay attention to direct actions in my local region and participate in those which I determine have the possibility of affecting egalitarian/ecological change/showing support to others who are affecting egalitarian/ecological change; Pay attention to direction actions nationally and globally, support remotely as possible, and study the response of those in power. (i.e. How the $media spins, minimizes, or blackouts the actions, Asking for evidence in court and then using the evidence to attack before the court case proceeds, etc.)
    4. Search for, think about, and support efforts to ensure net neutrality for future generations; This might mean figuring out how to build our own infrastructure or recover (hijack) the infrastructure from the companies who seek to control information in the case that the new FCC head decides to attack net neutrality again or to allow loopholes in our current limited protections, such as: https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/2666 and
    5. Search for secure digital platforms for voting which offer anonymous, but verifiable, tracking of votes (read: more transparent). Like this one...? https://followmyvote.com/parallel-presidential-election-2016/
    6. Pay attention to and express opposition towards (via letter writing, boycotting, direct actions, etc.) any state and federal bills introduced to our congresses and any corporate permit applications, which might pose a threat to an egalitarian and ecologically-sustainable lifestyle.
    7. Encourage people to develop their critical thinking skills, evaluate opposing perspectives, and seek reality.
    8. Support my state's initiatives to combat corruption in politics (WA I-1464) and policing (WA I-873)

    Personal + Community:
    1. Write down the songs that my brain composes to comfort me or cheer me on; Learn how to play them (musical brain does not always take my lacking musical performance skill level into account); Share them with others who might be experiencing similar struggles.
    2. Write down the songs that my brain composes in response to learning about events in the world; Learn how to play them; Share them with those affected by the events and listen to response.
    3. Increase my emotional and social intelligence skills; Build the healthiest relationship interaction habits possible while dismantling malfunctioning relationship interaction programming (aka maladaptive response habits developed in childhood).
    4. Build community within my neighborhood, city, county, and bioregion. (i.e. Staying respectful and open with people even when they disagree or attack you, Persistently exude friendliness during bicycle commute through neighborhood - wave and verbalize greeting consistently, even when neighbor ignores your presence, hand gesture, and/or verbal greeting, assume that most people are well-intentioned, empathize and communicate).
    5. Express my sense of community, regionally and globally, while promoting a sense of pride in my bioregion's features and culture. (Cascadian Pride, whoo!)
    6. A loving-kindness meditation practice

    1. Gather litter materials which are hazardous or slow to biodegrade (plastics, metal, glass, etc.) and place in appropriate refuse path (reuse, upcycling, recycling, waste management, etc.)
    2. Glean apple maggot-infested apples and: a. feed to pig, chicken, goat, horse, or other animal OR b. kill maggot larvae by placing apples in black plastic and leaving in the sun, then compost. (I also do this for other susceptible crops (like pears), but apple maggots in wild and cultivated apple trees are very common here, dozens within a 3 mile radius of my house)
    3. Guerrilla garden the edges of public ways and infrastructure (planting trees on the edge of elementary school field so they'll use less water on the field grasses; building the soil along railroads enough to support a diverse community of species instead of a single opportunistic one, planting/seeding parking strips and abandoned lots with perennial foods and soil builders, etc.)

    I'm probably missing a few things here and there that I do but don't devote a whole lot of thought to....

    It's sort of a work-as-hard-as-you-can-on-whatever-goal-is-presenting-the-most-opportunities-and-then-break-or-switch-as-necessary strategy.

    Looking forward to reading what others are doing.
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    Oh and by power in political number 2... I'm talking about understanding this concept of power:
  • AkinaAkina Posts: 50
    Also, I'm voting for progressive policies (aka worldsuck-decreasing policies) whereever they appear... which this year seems to be in the Green party... and distributed among other berniecrats who stayed true to policy objectives.

    Stein + the Green party have platform planks which would allow the above listed goals to be achieved easier and potentially sooner because many of the projects (housing cooperatives, worker cooperatives) would become eligible for government grants instead of having to save up income at my education job in order to get the necessary start up capital for such integrative projects.

    As far as the definition of progressive policy...
    explains my meaning pretty well.
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    Will keep releasing comics that make people aware of our situation
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    There's plenty, but honestly the biggest one I can think of is that I am teaching my kids to think in a less individualistic way. Less ME ME ME, more US US US (inclusive of every person that lives, or will ever live).
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