which hairstyle do you like most

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which hairstyle do you like most 19 votes

the puff
savindafishiesbooksandwitchingBohemaminethebluestchuSkyDoctorhermionegrangerAnFaHistoryNerdJay_Xenosvoquanghuy1307ExpresslyLesleyNick_redisbest 13 votes
the hank (2007-2015)
Maitry_0802 1 vote
the hank (2015+)
heffalumpRancronluan2tashcassaxolotllife 5 votes


  • savindafishiessavindafishies Massachusetts, USAPosts: 10
    the puff
    As someone who runs his hands through his hair when he's working, I definitely feel this feel.
    "Mankind's moral sense is not a strong beacon light, radiating outward to illuminate in sharp outline all that it touches. It is, rather, a small candle flame, casting vague and multiple shadows, flickering and sputtering in the strong winds of power and passion, greed and ideology. But brought close to the heart and cupped in one's hands, it dispels the darkness and warms the soul."
    -James Q. Wilson
  • luan2luan2 vetnamPosts: 11
    the hank (2015+)
    hank 2015+
  • ExpresslyLesleyExpresslyLesley Posts: 3 Newbie
    the puff
    Make Hank’s hair puff again
  • Maitry_0802Maitry_0802 Posts: 3 Newbie
    the hank (2007-2015)
    Hank your 2012 hairstyle was just awesome!!
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