A call for artists! (If you live in Southbend Indiana or want to hang out there for a year)

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To begin, I have no affiliation with the following project. I stumbled upon it in the same way I do most things, by way of what I like to call "circumstance surfing".

I was in Penrose, Colorado. A small place just west of Pueblo, Colorado. There I was taking a walk and stopped at a local gas station. Outside I found an antique wagon with the words, "Birdsell -- Southbend Indiana" still painted on the side in the original flaking colors of turquoise and green. Interested, I posted an image of this on my Instagram. Which led to an interaction with someone from the Birdsell Project.

What is the Birdsell Project you ask?

To quote their website:

Birdsell Art Installation Project opened a 12,000 square foot mansion to be repurposed by local artists.

Constructed in the 1890’s, The Birdsell Mansion has sat vacant for several decades. In October of 2014 it was reopened to the community. The mansion contains 3 floors, and the work of 20 artists and 10 photographers from both South Bend and Notre Dame, Indiana. These artists, through incorporating their work inside of the Birdsell Mansion’s turn of the 20th century architecture, invokes a uniquely intimate, and often haunting experience for those adventurous enough to visit."

I also noted on the next page @ birdsellproject.org/call-for-artists/ that and I quote.

The Birdsell Project is seeking applications from artists for its Summer Residency Program, June 9 – August 14, 2016.

There is more information at the website. As an artist I wish I had time for this project, but I thought I would spread the word.
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