For Creators of Video Essays, movies and other cool stuff.

So Hello World!
(or better put)
Hello fellow nerdfighters, bearers of awesome! (don't know why I am imagining bears carrying awesomeness on their backs...)

Well if you're reading this you're probably wondering why I created this discussion. Great question! I actually created this discussion to try and find some fellow movie nerds and aspiring filmmakers with whom we could discuss movies and maybe collaborate on different projects. Also to get some opinions on my videos that are mainly videos about movies (Movie reviews, Video essays) but sometimes, if I feel like being a filmmaker I make a movie.

More about my channel:
-I try to post every week but trying is not doing (try not. do or do not. there is no try (yoda) ) so I usually post every other week on Sundays.
-Some videos are really awful but some (mostly the newer ones) are quite okay
-You can find the channel here:

So yeah thanks for reading the actually not that long introduction! I really look forward to sharing Ideas with you guys and I would really love some criticism on my videos. Please also do share your channels (if they're about movies or something in that sense) and your work!

Bye for now.


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