Positive Pranking

let's bring it back


  • ChocolateThunderChocolateThunder OceaniaPosts: 7
    What is Positive Pranking?
  • http://bit.ly/9NwPJ6

    Idea from Amy Krause Rosenthal, which Hank and John did in 2010 @ChocolateThunder
  • AussieChic2000AussieChic2000 HogwartsPosts: 11
    Definitely want to bring it back!!!!
    My best idea for one so far is leaving chocolate in people's letterboxes (in winter cause in Australia's summer it would melt in a heartbeat)
  • savindafishiessavindafishies Massachusetts, USAPosts: 10
    It would be amazing for this to start back up! @AussieChic2000 I like the chocolate idea, but that's definitely a winter idea here in Massachusetts too. I'm also thinking that'd be a good thing to do in my workplace mailboxes. I know people here can get down because it's a pretty stressful environment. Does anyone have any other ideas for good workplace positive pranking?
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  • Gara_the_engineerGara_the_engineer In a log house at the edge of the forestPosts: 633 ✭✭✭
    @savindafishies That's a wonderful idea to do at work! Now I kinda wish we had mailboxes at my work too...
    Other things that one could do is to leave little notes with positive messages, a bit like Hank's prank-calling. And a thing that I do on the Christmases that I've worked is to decorate the control room screens (both PC:s, control computers and CCTV screens) with red bowties made from any red rags that I can find in the rag bin in the workshop. Being a heavily male-gendered workplace, I think it can count as a prank although most people like it or don't even notice it. I've stolen this idea from a friend who work at sea too.
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